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Creating Content for Bankruptcy Lawyer Websites


Competition is fiercer than ever in the legal industry. According to a 2022 ABA National Lawyer Population Survey, there are over 13 million lawyers in the United States. If you're a bankruptcy lawyer, you must find a way to make your legal practice stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you will have a hard time attracting a steady stream of bankruptcy clients to your firm.

One of the best ways to attract potential clients to your bankruptcy law firm is to create top-notch social media content. Done properly, social media content about your bankruptcy law firm will help you showcase your personality and expertise. This, in turn, will help you reach the largest possible audience. 

Read this guide to learn three social media marketing tips for your bankruptcy practice. By the end of this article, you'll know how to create content for bankruptcy lawyer websites.

1. Create a Content Calendar

Before you create any content for your law office, you should create a social media calendar. A social media calendar is a summary of your upcoming social media posts. Social media marketers and designers use content calendars to evaluate ongoing strategies, plan posts, and manage campaigns.

Follow these tips to create a content calendar:

Understand Your Client to Create Topics

Before choosing a content calendar format, you must have a clear picture of your clients' needs. Ask the following questions:

  • What do my clients want from bankruptcy lawyers?
  • Where are my clients located?
  • How can I meet my clients' needs as a bankruptcy attorney?
  • What makes me stand out from other bankruptcy lawyers in my area?
  • What services do bankruptcy attorneys provide that I don't?

Decide What Your Content Calendar Should Include

Next, make a list of what your calendar should include.

Depending on your budget and needs, your social media calendar can be as simple as a spreadsheet or as complex as an interactive dashboard. Despite the differences in layout, most social media calendars contain the following information for each upcoming social media post:

  • The time and date the post will go live
  • The account and social media channel where it will be published (i.e., your law firm's Instagram account)
  • Images, video, and written copy required
  • Hashtags and links to include

You should also consider including the following once you become a social media expert:

  • Location-based targeting
  • Channel-specific materials like TikTok LIVE, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, shoppable posts, and Twitter and YouTube polls
  • Associated campaigns such as contests or product launches

Decide What Content Calendar Format You Should Use

You can then choose a suitable content calendar format. 

If you're just starting out and you're only making basic social media posts for three or fewer channels, consider using a spreadsheet or Google Calendar. However, if you're making varied posts for many different platforms and you are including detailed information for each post, an interactive dashboard or calendar software may be a better choice. 

Use SEO and Keywords to Your Advantage

Next, add keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) notes to your content calendar. When used properly, keywords and SEO can greatly increase the number of people visiting your website and the amount of money you can make.

Keywords, also known as search queries, are topics and ideas that define what your bankruptcy is about. Hot keywords for bankruptcy law firms include:

  • Bankruptcy law firm near me
  • Bankruptcy lawyer near me
  • Bankruptcy attorney near me
  • Bankruptcy attorney in [city, state]
  • Bankruptcy lawyer in [city, state]
  • Bankruptcy legal advice [city, state]
  • How to file bankruptcy [city, state]
  • [City, state] bankruptcy law firm

Meanwhile, SEO refers to the process of improving the quantity and quality of unpaid website traffic to a web page or website from search engines. Improving your site's SEO requires you to do the following:

  • Use relevant keywords in meta descriptions, titles, and headlines
  • Use descriptive URLs with keywords
  • Use schema markup to specify webpages' content meaning to search engines

2. Show Your Expertise and Personality

Social media is also a way to show clients that you are the go-to person in the bankruptcy law field. You can do this by:

Joining Groups

Joining groups will expose you to potential clients. 

To start, join LinkedIn or Facebook groups related to bankruptcy law and answer questions. If you use Twitter, consider participating in Twitter chats to engage in conversations about bankruptcy law. Remember to tell clients that your comments and advice do not constitute legal advice and that they are for informational purposes only.

Regardless of which platform you're using, you should share general information about bankruptcy, current legal developments, tips for filing bankruptcy, and answers to frequently asked questions. You should also connect with fellow bankruptcy lawyers to gain more knowledge and insights about your industry. 

Teaching Readers What You Know

You should also teach others what you know by creating a blog about bankruptcy law. Besides outlining what bankruptcy is and how it works, your blogs should also cover the following topics:

  • How the bankruptcy process works
  • How to seek bankruptcy relief
  • What is the Bankruptcy Code?
  • How can a bankruptcy firm help you?
  • Are there any bankruptcy ethical rules?
  • What are implied warranties?
  • What can you expect from attorney-client relationships?
  • How to file bankruptcy in your state
  • How to get ready for a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer
  • What does advice on a non-confidential basis mean?
  • What is a 341 meeting?
  • What to look for in a bankruptcy attorney
  • Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • How much does bankruptcy cost?
  • Can you file for bankruptcy online?

Joining Events

Finally, you should join online and real-life events about bankruptcy law. Examples include:

  • State bar networking and training events
  • Business network and training events
  • University speaking and networking events
  • University alumni networking and speaking events

3. Find the Right Channels to Distribute

Finally, you should find the right channels to distribute your bankruptcy legal content. The channels you choose to distribute your content depend on your resources and audience.

There are three main content distribution types: owned, earned, and paid. Here's a breakdown of each:

  • Owned content distribution: Owned channels are your law firm's blog, website, email newsletter, social media profiles, and mobile publishing apps. You can control how and when content is published on these channels. 

  • Earned content distribution: Also known as shared channels, earned channels are when third parties share or promote your content. Examples of earned content distribution channels include social mentions and shares, public relations, guest articles, guest interviews, and product reviews.

  • Paid content distribution: Paid content distribution is when your law firm pays to distribute your content on specific channels, such as paid social advertisements, pay-per-click (PPC), and paid influencer content.

To find the right channels for your content, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your marketing budget? If you have a limited marketing budget, you should focus on owned and earned content distribution. You can expand into paid content distribution once you have a larger budget. 

  • What channels are attracting the most attention? Use Google Analytics, Google My Business, and your site analytics to determine which distribution channels your current and potential clients use. This will help you determine which channels to focus on. If you don't have enough time, energy, or hands to create content for different platforms, you should focus on the most popular platforms. For instance, if 98% of your online traffic goes to your blog and only 2% goes to your paid content distribution channels, you should focus on the former. Consider setting measurable goals to help you recognize where you're going and what success looks like.

Once you've determined the best distribution channels, you should look for the right content distribution tools. Content distribution software can make social media planning easier and more effective by giving you the ability to:

  • Schedule features in bulk or individually

  • Post directly to major social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

  • Optimize your images and posts without leaving the platform

Boost Your Social Media Presence Through Scorpion Legal Today

Content marketing for bankruptcy lawyer websites and law offices can be time-consuming and confusing, especially if you have never done it before.

That's where digital marketing companies like Scorpion come in. From customer management software and research to our artificial intelligence-powered search engine products, we have everything you need for bankruptcy attorney marketing. We offer a broad range of tools and services for bankruptcy lawyers, including:

  • Legal marketing services: Scorpion creates marketing strategies to help lawyers and law firms reach their goals. We create landing pages, websites, and video assets that will showcase your firm's unique abilities and help you attract more clients. Our technology also allows you to see how your campaigns are performing in real time.

  • Law firm website management: We will create and manage an aesthetically pleasing website that ranks high on search engines. We will also keep your website professional, updated, and polished with new content to attract a steady stream of clients.

  • Legal advertising: Not sure where to start with social media? Scorpion will use web, social media, Google ads, and video capabilities to showcase your firm's strengths. Our custom ads can be used on all platforms.

  • Legal SEO: Word of mouth is not the only way to attract clients in the legal industry. Scorpion's local SEO team will create a range of content to help your site rank higher. This includes home pages, landing pages, blogs, linked sites, and backlinks.

Interested in learning how Scorpion can help your bankruptcy law firm? Use our contact form to schedule a content strategy consultation.

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