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Reach Your Customers Before Your Competitors With Omnichannel Marketing

As Chief Operating Officer, Dan Bedell spends his day working closely with his marketing teams to make sure that all of their clients have excellent plans that are helping them grow. Dan emphasizes that an important part of their success is their omnichannel marketing strategy. Omnichannel refers to the multiple ways for businesses to get in front of their ideal customers. In the past, it was a race to see who could gain the highest organic SEO reach to be found first when searched. But now that everyone is doing this, it's important to have a more well-rounded approach to marketing.
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Meet the Hosts

  • Cheryl McRae

    Director of Vertical Marketing
    Cheryl McRae is the Director of Vertical Marketing and Producer of The Sharpest Tool™ podcast. She spearheads Scorpion’s strategy for educating home services businesses about digital marketing and connecting them to solutions for acquiring new customers. Cheryl brings more than 15 years of award-winning national and international marketing expertise to the Scorpion team. When Cheryl isn’t working, she’s typically busy kickboxing, strength training, hiking, and enjoying California’s beautiful weather and Pacific Ocean.
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  • Josh Smith

    Vice President of Internet Marketing
    Josh Smith is the Vice President of Marketing for the Home Services division at Scorpion. He manages the development of the marketing team that handles all of the home service accounts across the organization. He works to continually sharpen the team with industry knowledge, support, and tools to ensure that home services professionals increase their revenue and grow their businesses. With Josh's high energy and home services expertise, he loves to talk about leadership, motivation, taking life by the horns and crushing the goals that clients set out to accomplish.
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