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Run your best garage door repair marketing

Juggling the ins and outs of your garage door repair business can feel a lot like fixing a tricky spring—delicate and challenging. At Scorpion, we'll handle the digital marketing esesentials, from robust websites to ROI-driven advertising, freeing you to focus on fixing those squeaky hinges.

"With the Operation Suite, our technicians can process payments out on the road. Overall, the payment suite has made collecting payments faster and easier."
Jahaira Guilbe Operations Manager, SirVent Chimney & Venting Service

Product Solutions

Open new doors with a tailored garage door repair marketing strategy

Garage Door Repair

Take your digital presence to the next level with a professional website

Just as a sturdy garage door secures homes, a robust website safeguards your business. Our skilled team specializes in designing reliable websites, prioritizing SEO, Google's best practices, and industry-specific keywords. Draw in the audiences you need and create an online presence as strong as your services.

Garage Door Repair

Get faster, easier customer communication

Customers expect flawless garage door repairs and prompt communication. Expand your business with an intuitive platform designed for an enhanced customer experience. Whether it's a custom AI Chat attuned to your brand or our Communications Suite that facilitates direct customer interactions, our technology simplifies customer communication.

Garage Door Repiar

Tailored marketing designed for your garage door repair business

Just as a sturdy garage door relies on solid hinges, your marketing strategy must be seamless, robust, and built for success. 

At Scorpion, we combine our team’s expertise with technology such as our Communications Suite. This opens doors to seamless connections, illuminating your online presence like a well-lit garage. Fueled by cutting-edge AI tech, our chatbot isn't just a conversation piece. It's a trusty sidekick that engages customers and transforms them into valuable leads. 

Boosting your search engine ranking is our specialty, and we believe it is essential. Scorpion's AI-powered SEO technology, uses 40,000+ data points to elevate your site above competitors. 

We increase your website visibility through targeted advertising and local service ad adoption. This ensures your business shines, attracts top-quality leads, and keeps costs in check. 

Our mission? To elevate your garage door repair business. Hand us the keys to your marketing, and we'll ensure your success while you focus on securing homes—one repair at a time.

"Scorpion has really contributed to the steady growth of my business. We have seen a big increase in our leads and improvements to our bottom line since being with Scorpion. The interaction capabilities we have between the leads coming and the technology you all have is stellar and just unlike any other."

Joseph Wilson

Owner, All Pro Pest Control, Inc

Results that speak for themselves

Sage Pest Control

Sage Pest Control

With Scorpion, Sage Pest Control created a better brand experience that attracted more residual pest control customers — and reflected their unrivaled customer experience.

368% Increase in organic web traffic
93% Increase new customer leads
74% Increase advertising leads
Evergreen Plumbing

Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical LLC

Marv Colby opened Evergreen Plumbing, but without marketing guidance from his previous mentors, he felt like he was on a one-man island. After partnering with Scorpion, he took his small business to the next level with increased growth year over year and consistent leads-and work-for his team.

20% Growth year over year
100% Organic traffic
10% Organic lead growth
Five Star Painting

Five Star Painting

With a brand new marketing team on their side, Pedro and Jorge launched a campaign with a focus on advertising and haven’t looked back.

1400% ROI
730% Yearly lead volume
4.3k Organic visits
Run your best marketing

Get everything you need to market your business.