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The Results Are In: This Is How You Get More Roofing Jobs

Roofer at work

Do you know what makes people call one roofer over the other?

Knowing the answer will help you capture more of the jobs you aren’t getting.

We surveyed more than 500 homeowners to learn how they find (and hire) a roofer.

Here’s what we found.

This is how your customers are finding you…

Question 1: What do you research when you’re looking for a roofer?

The Results:

When consumers are looking for roofers online, they search based on the services they need, their location, and the roofing company’s reputation.

The Takeaway:

Whether in search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you’ll want to hone in on keywords that relate to the specific services you offer, and the geographic areas you serve.

You should also consider using keywords like “best roofing company,” which get you in front of consumers who are looking for the most reputable roofers in the business. Do keyword research to determine which terms make the most sense for your business.

Question 2: If a roofer says they’ll contact you in an hour, do you call another company?

The Breakdown:

More than half of your potential customers will move on if you can’t get back to them quickly.

The Takeaway:

Don’t miss calls—doing so will cost you jobs. Set up an intake system to field your calls, qualify your leads, and schedule appointments. If you don’t already have an in-office assistant, consider working with a professional call center service.

Question 3: What’s the first thing you would look for on a roofer’s website?

The Result:

For more than 20% of customers, visible pricing options are a big deal. Customer reviews and whether or not a business has insurance also have a strong influence on which roofer they choose.

The Takeaway:

Be transparent in your marketing—post your prices on your website, or make it easy for potential customers to get a quote quickly (less than 5 minutes).

Question 4: How would you prefer to contact your roofer?

The Breakdown:

75% of your customers would rather call you than any other form of communication.

The Takeaway:

When a customer is calling about an issue with their roof, they want immediate help, which means you need to have someone manning the phones at all times. The faster you can answer that ringing phone, the less likely that customer is to work with a different roofer.

Here’s what your customers like to see...

Question 5: What message theme would appeal to you most when searching for a roofer?

The Result:

A roofing company that is licensed, insured, and reliable is preferred by 31.4% of customers. The next most attractive messaging statements involve the company’s experience (27%), affordability (13.8%), and offer of a satisfaction guarantee (13.4%).

The Takeaway:

Quality and affordability are everything to your prospects, so make these featured themes in your marketing.

Question 6: If you had to choose one promotion, which one would you want?

The Result:

About 45% of consumers preferred a $500 discount on full roof replacement, but the other two promotions (a free in-home inspection and 15% off of the first-time service) weren’t far behind in customer preference.

Anything free or discounted will appeal to your customers.

The Takeaway:

Free offerings or discounts stand out to potential customers.

Think about the types of money-saving promotions you can offer. By appealing to people’s wallets, you’ll not only capture attention and separate yourself from your competitors, but you’ll create a sense of urgency that drives prospects to pick up the phone and schedule service.

Question 7: Of the following images, which one would appeal most to you on a roofing company’s website?

The Result:

The most appealing image on your website is a roofer hard at work.

The Takeaway:

Your customers want to see the quality of the work they can expect and the professionalism your company can provide. Help them paint a picture of your service in their minds by showing images of a roofing professional in action.

Question 8: What feature would be most important to you on a roofer’s website?

The Result:

When visiting a roofing company website, consumers want:

  • The ability to schedule service online

  • A gallery of your past work

  • And the ability to share photos of their roofing issue

The Takeaway:

Your customers want convenience.

They want to be able to schedule, vet your work remotely, get a diagnosis of their issues and schedule a service appointment without leaving the house. Make your website convenient and easy to use. These are the differentiators that make your business the obvious choice in roofing services.

Question 9: How important would a before and after gallery of past work of the roofer be to you?

The Result:

More than 95% of customers think a before-and-after gallery is important to have (from “somewhat important” to “extremely important”).

The Takeaway:

Get a photo gallery for your website. If you already have one, update the quality of your pictures. If your pictures are already amazing, add video. By improving the presentation of your work, you give potential customers a better impression of your services and secure their trust.

This is what guides their final decision...

Question 10: What would sway you to hire one roofer over another?

The Result:

Your customers first and foremost want a guarantee of quality service, professionalism, a good price, and fast service.

The Takeaway:

Speak to these desires in your website’s messaging. Many of your customers are wary of being cheated—give them peace of mind that you’re a trustworthy company.

Question 11: What is most important to you when hiring a roofer?

The Result:

Quality, price, and experience are top-of-mind for consumers when they’re looking for a roofer.

The Takeaway:

Roofing services can be expensive, and your customers want to make sure their investment will be worth it for years to come. Load your website with evidence of your quality work, share why your company is qualified, and provide testimonials from previous clients to build their assurance.

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