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Dental Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Practice

A woman receiving a message from her dentist about her upcoming dentist appointment

When it comes to your dental practice’s bottom line, it’s not enough to do well. You must constantly be growing. Without doing the kind of business that allows you to reach more patients, book more appointments, or expand your staff, you run the risk of stagnation.

That’s why marketing experts advise an eye toward growth and a strategy geared toward increasing the amount of exposure and engagement you have with prospective patients.

Some of the tactics that can accomplish this are relatively simple to implement, even on your own. Let’s look at some proven methods for building the digital marketing infrastructure to keep your dental practice moving toward the next level of success.

Google Maps Ads

Even something as simple as creating Google Maps Ads can go a long way to getting seen by a greater number of prospective patients. With proximity an obvious concern when people are looking for a new dentist, being sure your practice’s name is front-and-center on Google maps is a surefire way to catch peoples’ attention.

Click to Call Ads

When planning out your digital marketing strategy, customer convenience should always be a top priority. Making it easier for people to find your practice online is one thing, but making it easy for them to get in touch with your office and book an appointment is at the heart of strategy built for growth.

Mobile Call-Only Ads

With more and more internet searches taking place on smartphones, it’s important to orient your marketing efforts toward mobile use. Mobile call-only ads help potential patients take the big step from information gathering on the internet to making the call for an appointment.

Appointment Reminders

It’s simple, but reminding patients of their scheduled appointments is a proven way to keep people coming through your door. And besides ensuring there are no missed appointments, reminders are a great way of building trust with patients.

Local Awareness Facebook Ads

For local dental practices looking to grow their patient lists, proximity is everything. You want to be sure that every prospect in the area knows about your services. Facebook Local Awareness ads are a great tool for getting the word out while being hyper-focused on your audience.

Special Offers

Competition is stiff in local markets, and you should pursue any steps you can to gain an advantage over other dental providers. A tried and true tactic that can help your practice stay busy is offering services or products at lower rates than competitors. Providing unique services at a reduced price can help funnel more prospective patients your way.

Building Your Brand

All the ideas mentioned above can easily be employed to help grow your practice. But there are so many other ways you can develop your messaging and marketing strategy to draw in more new patients and generate more revenue. If you’re unsure where to start or what it takes to put your practice on a growth path, feel free to contact Scorpion at 888-375-7259 to learn how we can help you.