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Why Your Healthcare Businesses Should Be Leveraging Video Marketing

Video camera

This isn’t the “digital age.”

This is the “interactive age.”

Patients want content that gets them involved, keeps them interested and feels personal. You can give potential patients the confidence and knowledge they need to see you by creating engaging video content.

Video & Digital Marketing Trends Your Healthcare Business Needs to Know About

By the time 2019 rolls around, an estimated 5 billion people will have a smartphone on or near them at all times—roughly two-thirds of the global population. Your healthcare business cannot afford to miss the mobile trend which is heavily reliant upon video content.

Look at the following facts surrounding video-based marketing and advertising:

  • Spending on mobile video marketing will increase by nearly 50% in 2018 across all industries.
  • More than 82% of traffic on the internet is going to be video-based by 2020.
  • Videos go viral on the internet everyday—other forms of media do not.
  • Healthcare information shared by video is 12X more likely to be shared than the same information communicated in text.
  • 43% of consumers prefer video marketing and advertisements
  • 52% of marketers and marketing companies believe video content has the most return-on-investment (ROI) potential.

Reach Potential Patients While They Are Searching for Help

Getting in front of your audience is the key to successful healthcare video marketing.

And getting in front of your audience means getting your video marketing materials where that audience is already looking. Your hospital or healthcare facility needs to be present in the top search results when potential patients search for symptoms, illnesses, clinics, surgeries, etc.

The same is true of social media. Your healthcare marketing videos need to find their way onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Keep in mind, 85% of Facebook videos (and social media videos in general) are watched while muted, so your video marketing content needs to be visually engaging, with captions that use clear fonts. That way, your core message isn’t missed.

YouTube Proves Video Content Is Key

Behind Google, the most popular search engine in the world isn’t Bing or Yahoo—it’s YouTube.

Paying for your healthcare videos to play ads before other videos people are watching is a smart strategy.

If your hospital renowned for its oncology department, create a video highlighting that strength. Then run that video as an ad on YouTube.

Set parameters so your ad only plays in front of viewers who live in the geographic area of your hospital and are searching for videos with keywords like “cancer treatment”.

People Act Instantly, Not Spontaneously

If your healthcare facility isn’t in front of a patient’s eyes right when they need you, the odds of your facility winning that patient’s business plummets. But smart ad placement that integrates innovative, inviting video content can fix that problem.

Along those same lines, keep your video content short and sweet. Less than 30 seconds is ideal. Less than 60 seconds is OK. Anything beyond that is up in the air.

Making a Live Connection Is Irreplaceable

More and more, patients are glued to their smartphones, and this is something your hospital can take advantage of.

Live videos (or live streams) that offer “wellness content” addressing popular health concerns, can create incredible traction for your hospital. (Consider that 20% of Facebook LIVE videos are watched 3X longer than prerecorded content!)

Try hosting live broadcasts on your social media channels to talk about pertinent healthcare issues, or consider hosting live Q&A events where potential patients can ask a nurse or doctor health-related questions.

Revamp Your Patient Portal with Video Marketing

While we’re talking about getting ahead of the competition, it’s worth evaluating your patient portal:

Is it serving you as well as it could?

Video marketing can be integrated into your patient portal to keep patients’ attention focused on your healthcare business. You can use this digital space to explain how to navigate your website, make appointments, talk about new features, offer services (like routine checkups), introduce your administrative team, and more.

Healthcare Video Marketing Is Growing – Are You?

Patients rarely search for medical help “just in case.” They search because they have a need. And video marketing can help your healthcare facility highlight its capacity to meet those needs.

When you’re ready to take your healthcare video marketing to the next level, take advantage of this free consultation with a video marketing expert. It’s the first step towards a total transformation of your healthcare marketing.

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