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How a Marketing Partner With High Standards Made Life Easier for one Healthcare Marketer

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Moving into a leadership role at a new organization isn’t easy.

You have your own ideas.

You have your own resources.

You have your own way of doing things.

But, sometimes, you have to accept legacy systems and processes, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

That’s exactly how Doug Oakes felt when he became the new Director of Marketing, at Gila Regional Medical Center.

A marketer with more than 30 years of experience, Doug had his own ideas about how to improve Gila Regional Medical Center’s presence online.

Which is why Doug had every intention of wiping the marketing slate clean when he walked in the door on his first day at GRMC, and starting fresh with his own vendors.

“I have always been partial to my own providers and was set on not liking the hospital’s current marketing company when I got here. I thought it was going to be a pain working with them.”

But in the interest of fairness and at the encouragement of his new colleagues, Doug decided to give the marketing vendor a single chance to prove itself worthy of his time and budget.

Issuing a challenge

Doug decided to test the marketing partner by asking them to make improvements to the hospital’s website:

  • Modify the content to better fit mobile displays.
  • Create new messaging to align with a new branding campaign.
  • Update all the outdated fonts on the website through the hospital’s CMS
  • And more...

Doug issued the challenge as a courtesy, never expecting GRMC’s marketing vendor to actually deliver on his requests.

Instead, what he expected was...

  • A defensive reply from his marketing manager.
  • Some line about how these changes weren’t in the hospital’s contract.
  • A slow, dragged-out process that would take weeks—if not months—to complete.

Expectations exceeded by the reality

Much to Doug’s surprise, the GRMC marketing partner didn’t hesitate at any of his requests, tackling each challenge with nothing in the way of excuses, resistance, or complaints.

“My marketing team has been extremely responsive. They’re always working hard to solve my problems and make sure I’m 100% satisfied.”

Moreover, they formally introduced and trained Doug to use their incredibly user-friendly content management system, so he can make edits to the GRMC website whenever he wants without any technical assistance.

“The quality of the technology is better than any other marketing form I’ve worked with,” he said. “The code is flawless. The mobile experience is impeccable—it works across all platforms and browsers. And the CMS is smooth and easy to use.”

The outcome?

With a dedicated marketing director committed to perfection like Doug, empowered by a marketing partner willing to go above and beyond to transform expectations into realities, Gila Regional Medical Center has achieved...

An enhanced image and reputation in the community.

“We’re a small 68-bed hospital, but with the high quality of our website, we have the web presence of a major health system. It’s a huge differentiator for us—we even hear about it from the medical professionals we recruit.”

Today, Doug is evaluating other ways he can improve the online presence of GRMC, increase its patient volume, and generate more revenue for the organization.

And he’s planning to do it with the marketing partner that won his trust:


“The people at Scorpion have absolutely won me over—they get a 10 out of 10 in my book.”

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