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Grow Your Medical Practice with Smart Marketing and Technology

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In the past, being a quality healthcare provider was enough to grow your business. But today’s environment is not so simple. With more competition than ever, medical practices must be able to market themselves — particularly online — to stand out from the crowd and reach new levels of success.

Earning this kind of exposure is no easy feat. Many doctors find themselves at a loss in an ever-changing digital landscape when charting the best course forward for their business. Uncertainty about the most effective ways to promote yourself, difficulty differentiating yourself from local competitors, and the high cost of acquiring new patients are all common challenges our customers face.

But the good news is that with the right marketing technologies and support, these obstacles can be overcome and allow your practice to start realizing its fullest potential — all while lowering your costs at the same time.

Here are some key areas and approaches to help your medical practice thrive with smart marketing and technology to plan your future.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Guide Growth

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it relates to smart marketing? In short, AI can be described as a system in place that gathers information at a rate of speed and volume that no human can match. And what's more, AI technology is capable of making lightning-fast decisions based on that information.

Previously, business owners would have to sift through their mountains of marketing data themselves. But with AI, you can create an actionable analysis based on many thousands of events, like clicks, average time spent on your websites, costs, conversion percentages, and much more.

AI takes stock of your practice's metrics and measures them against your local service area's broader market trends. Every bit of public interaction with your messaging can be assessed and used to inform future ad campaigns you decide to produce.

In short, AI takes a lot of the guesswork out of marketing and gives you a decisive edge over the competition. At this point, not incorporating it into your overall marketing strategy means you will be missing out on opportunities to increase your revenue.

Automation Makes Your Job Easier

There are many benefits to using automation tools in your marketing. The right technology can effectively control and make advertising decisions for your business - like where you should be spending your ad budget and where you should spend less.

As a doctor, automation can let you focus on your practice and less time on managing ad dollars. Too many healthcare providers find themselves caught up in marketing complexities to the point it takes time away from serving their patients.

As automation technology improves and becomes more affordable, we expect it to become an excellent tool for medical practices looking to unburden themselves from the time-consuming work of marketing - while also generating business and saving on costs.

Working with a Marketing Partner

Beyond adopting new technologies into your marketing efforts, hiring an outside company to help boost your practice’s visibility is another great way to increase results so you can focus on treating your patients.

But, it’s vital to pick the right company. There are many out there, and some don’t consistently deliver for their clients. If you’re searching for a dependable partner, a good place to start is by asking other doctors and practitioners what company handles their marketing. Learning about their customer experience can be a valuable barometer of a marketing partner’s quality.

And once you begin speaking with potential partners, it’s essential to be sure that they can show provable successes and quantifiable advantages that your practice can gain by working with them. It’s also crucial to gauge whether a company has the tools and resources to provide you with the data and insight you need to take your practice to the next level.

Transparency in your ad campaign results is everything in digital marketing, so be sure to only partner with companies that can offer those kinds of capabilities.

Next Steps

If the technologies mentioned above sound interesting, you can always reach out to Scorpion to learn more. Our automated, AI-based services are designed to make medical marketing easier and more effective than ever. Additionally, our two decades of experience in working with healthcare professionals of all types gives us a tremendous degree of expertise unique to your field.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (888) 375-7259.

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