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5 Content Topics That All Orthopedic Practices Must Address in 2019

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As 2019 gets underway, many orthopedic practices will start sketching out their content marketing strategies for the coming months, if not the year.

If you don’t want to scratch your head thinking about what your orthopedic practice should be prepared to talk about in its blogs, articles, and videos, here are five content topics you MUST be ready to discuss in 2019.

#1: The opioid epidemic

The opioid crisis can no longer be ignored by orthopedic practices and hospitals. Changing government policy and growing community outrage over the relaxed handling of prescription drugs has created a firestorm of anger and bad press over the issue. This is a topic that every practice must get in front of if they hope to maintain patient trust.

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 1,000 people go to the emergency room every day for misusing prescription drugs, and 40% of all overdose deaths in 2016 were from prescription opioids. Orthopedic practices, which are at the forefront of the war on opioids, should look for ways to be more transparent about the prescription process, and provide helpful topics related to identifying opioid abuse and what to do in a potential overdose situation.

#2: Former patients

As frustrating, expensive, and politically charged as healthcare can be, there is still so much that orthopedic practices and healthcare providers can do to stay positive. One of the best ways to keep that positive outlook alive is to share successful patient stories with happy outcomes and endings.

That’s what Seattle Children’s Hospital did in its video ad “Hope. Care. Cure.” SCH shared how the relationships built between the hospital's patients and its in-house care providers created an atmosphere of trust and healing that was so strong, it built lasting friendships.

#3: Non-invasive techniques and tools instead of surgery

Surgery techniques are improving and becoming safer and more effective over time. But complications still occur, and the risk of not helping or even increasing one’s pain is very real. It’s for this reason that orthopedic practices should share alternatives with their patients before, during, and even after an individual commits to surgical care.

In a 2018 study published in Health Services Research, researchers found that patients who saw a physical therapist prior to trying more traditional methods for their lower back pain were 89% less likely to go on prescription opioids. Sharing information like that with your audience is guaranteed to help promote trust and build authority for an orthopedic practice.

#4: Wellness and healthy living

Wellness may be a buzzword, but that shouldn’t stop orthopedic practices from embracing the idea behind it and sharing ideas about what it takes to lead a “wellness” lifestyle.

There is a reason why orthopedic practices that take the time to create blogs and share videos about wellness have a better reputation in the community than those that don’t—trust. When practices teach patients how to avoid seeing an orthopedic surgeon using dietary or lifestyle changes, it underscores a commitment to the care and wellbeing of others.

Healthy individuals seeking advice on how to avoid injuries and chronic pain may not be current patients, but they could be future patients if a practice begins helping them before they need to see someone.

#5: Improving the lives of the people in the community

Millennials care (a lot!) about community involvement, civic duty, and locality. They seek out organizations and businesses with an authentic cause and honest messaging. This means orthopedic practices should spend 2019 highlighting about their community involvement through blogs, videos, and social media posts.

Why spend time appealing to Millennials in the New Year?

Because Millennials are going to become the biggest population in the United States.

Because Millennials are very physically active.

Because Millennials are getting older...and as they age, they’re going to be getting increasingly in need of orthopedic care.

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