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Episode 4: STOP Restoration

Join Jill and Bone as they put on their hazmat suits and help a Service Team of Professionals (STOP) franchisee fix up a house that was scorched in a fire. The restoration "techs-for-a-day" do some demolition, get handy with some power tools, and then talk to STOP President Brian Clark about how a family-owned business evolved into a thriving franchise.

About Service Team of Professionals

Service Team of Professionals (STOP) is a brand known for excellent customer service and quality of work in the restoration industry. STOP offers rewarding franchise opportunities in the growing residential and commercial restoration industry, with the philosophy of “Start Simple, Grow Big.” STOP franchisees can start with water damage restoration and add more services, such as mold, fire, and more, offering unlimited growth opportunities while helping property owners at the same time. STOP has been in the water damage restoration industry for 40 years and shows no signs of slowing down.