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The State of Franchise Digital Marketing

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If you’ve managed a digital marketing campaign in the past year or tried to build out a budget-efficient online marketing plan, you understand that technology has created endless opportunities while not necessarily making decisions any easier when it comes to reaching the right customers.

With more data available than ever before, our Franchise clients need more than a digital platform for PPC, Facebook, or Display; they need help putting all of the pieces together so there is a congruent, clear picture of who their clients are, where are they coming from, and how those clients can be reached. There are seemingly endless marketing channels you can use to get your brand in front of potential customers, and at Scorpion, we are dedicated to exploring every avenue and potential solution for our clients. We understand the market and take the time to understand our clients as business partners. We have incredible resources at our fingertips in order to go above and beyond for our Franchise clients.

It can be incredibly difficult to make the right decision on who to work within the digital space when the market is so saturated that it’s difficult to tell the difference between one solution and another. That, coupled with the reality of how quickly the Internet constantly changes, means your decision can’t just be for today. Franchisors need to know that the solution they pick is going to be the right one for years to come and that their marketing partner is building solutions for the future and prepared to grow with them as they grow.

A “one-size-fits-all” solution doesn’t work in Franchising, because not only are the needs of each brand vastly different, so are the needs of a Franchisor compared to a Franchisee. Finding a partner that can check all the boxes, from speed and scalability to Franchisee education and support, is key for those brands looking to grow as both a national brand AND as local businesses.

Brands are looking for a partner, not another vendor, who they feel is an extension of their business, both in marketing and in operation. They need a solution that addresses their growth goals, while simultaneously making business easier for their individual owners and their home office support teams.

Scorpion’s solution for Franchise is so powerful because the pairing of an incredible CMS with a data-driven advertising machine creates a digital ecosystem where leads, attribution, and customers all come together to increase ROI in a way that would otherwise be impossible.

Digital marketing that is driven by technology is absolutely necessary if a digital agency hopes to survive over the next couple of years, but the people supporting that technology are ultimately the deal makers or breakers for a Franchise. While the people you have supporting a brand must be completely aligned in communication, goals, and the overall plan—most importantly, they need to care about their client.

In business today, technology has created a lot of efficiencies, but it can never replace having people who genuinely care about your business working tirelessly for your success. At Scorpion, we’ve invested heavily in making sure we have the right people on our Franchise Team. That means the sharpest and most talented people who want to see locally-owned businesses succeed and are committed to that success. A Franchise’s team at Scorpion is not just their marketing agent or someone they pay for a service. Everyone from their account manager to the people who design their website are truly invested in and passionate about seeing their clients’ businesses succeed.

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