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Scorpion Scorpion

S & D Plumbing

Taking All the Pressure out of Internet Marketing

533% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
70% More Jobs
121% Increase in Total Leads

Looking for a Way to Reach New Customers

For more than 35 years, S & D Plumbing has had a reputation for honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship in the Austin area. Before Scorpion, their brand had a loyal following, but they needed a way to get in front of new customers. They needed someone to take a proactive approach to their marketing and deliver the results that would generate real growth.

Dan had worked with marketing companies in the past, but he felt they never gave a straight answer or showed clear results. “I’m a plumber and a technician by trade, so that whole market scares me,” said Dan. “I don’t know a whole lot about it, so I have to really trust who I’m working with.”

Fortunately, Dan found a trusted partner in Scorpion.

S & D employee on the phone

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

With S & D Plumbing, the goal was to cement their trusted brand in the minds of customers throughout their service area. We needed to create a visual identity that matched their values and a marketing campaign that generated the quality leads that would take S & D to the next level. Dan started seeing results. “I started hearing from our technicians, ‘What have you been doing differently lately?’ Because all of a sudden, we are getting a different type of customer. We are getting true customers, ready to buy. Once I found Scorpion, it was like a breath of fresh air.”

S & D's Dan Dowdy with a Scorpion brick

Looking Ahead to a Bright Future

Since partnering with Scorpion about two years ago, S & D Plumbing has doubled its revenue. For Dan, this partnership has also brought peace of mind. He always knows where his marketing stands and can rely on his team at Scorpion to help whenever he needs them.

According to Dan, he’s turned to Scorpion and now “...there’s no looking back.” He gets as much or as little information as he wants, from what he refers to as “the best internet marketing company anywhere.”

Dan, we couldn’t be happier that we’ve been able to take the burden of marketing off your shoulders, bringing growth to your family’s company. We’re with you all the way!

“I look at it like this: either you’re with Scorpion and you're working with Scorpion now, or you're gonna be working with Scorpion and you wish you were there already.”

Dan Dowdy

Co-Owner, S & D Plumbing

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