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Scorpion Scorpion

Gannes & Musico, LLP

Expanding from a Local Practice to a Statewide Firm

Modernizing an Old-School Website

When attorneys Margo Gannes and Philip Musico set out to create New York City’s premier traffic ticket practice, they had the legal knowledge and experience to help their clients, but they knew little about the marketing side of things. They knew they needed a strong web presence because no one else had it. Making this happen was a whole other matter.

Margo and Philip turned to a company for a website—only to be disappointed. The design was off, pages were broken, and the copy was incomplete. It was time to find a marketing partner who would match their professionalism. They had a certain standard they aspired to, and their website and entire visual identity needed to match this.

In 2010, they came to Scorpion.

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Marketing Made Easy

With Gannes & Musico, we saw violations of Google’s best practices, an unprofessional website, and a campaign that wasn’t delivering the right type of leads. We put our experience to work immediately, completely redesigning and recreating their entire visual identity and building campaigns that would deliver results: amounting to 16,903 total client and case leads since 2010. According to Philip, “What surprised us most about Scorpion was how simple it is.”
Founding attorneys of Gannes and Musico, LLP

Flourishing in New Markets

It’s been a decade since Gannes & Musico partnered with Scorpion. They’ve grown from a local practice to a statewide firm with a powerful online presence and brand that matches their level of professionalism and service. They’ve succeeded in newer, broader markets than they thought possible, and they’re continuing to grow.

Philip and Margo, it’s been our pleasure working with your firm to dominate your market. We’re excited for even more success in the future!

“Scorpion has affected my business, which in turn has affected my life, in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. I couldn’t say anything more positive about Scorpion. They are the best.”

Margo Gannes

Partner, Gannes & Musico, LLP

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