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Davis & Green Electrical

From Marketing Chaos to Strategic Growth

Davis & Green Electrical

An Inefficient Path to Business Growth

Davis & Green Electrical has always been a forward-thinking company—it’s what helped them to stay in business for over 30 years. So, when the company’s owners saw that people were increasingly going online to find an electrician, they made sure to invest in Davis & Green Electrical’s digital image. They hired one company to build their website, another to help boost their rankings in search engines, and another to handle their digital advertising. After a few years, the company’s owners realized they were spending a lot of time managing these marketing vendors, but they weren’t getting enough business to make it worth their while.

So, they decided to make a change.

Davis lighting exterior

Placing Trust in One Marketing Partner

The owners of Davis & Green Electrical realized it was in the company’s best interests to find one partner who could meet all their needs for building their online presence, as well as one who could deliver better results. It was a big step, but the owners decided to put their trust in Scorpion. Realizing the gravity of this trust, our team worked closely with Davis & Green Electrical to give them a lights-out digital brand that sets them apart from the competition and brings in more jobs.
Davis lighting commercial interior

A Partner Offering One-Stop Shop Support

By switching to Scorpion, Davis & Green Electrical no longer had to deal with the chaos of working with numerous marketing vendors. Instead, they found a strategic partner who could streamline their entire online presence and attract more of the high-value jobs they wanted. With over 100 more customers per month and a 38% increase in service department revenue year-over-year, the company is doing more business than ever before.

To the team at Davis & Green Electrical, we’re so grateful you chose us as your trusted partner, and we look forward to many more years!

“Scorpion 100% exceeded my expectations—I’ve been totally blown away. Since partnering with Scorpion, my stress has gone down and my confidence has gone up.”

Jennifer Robinson

Marketing Manager, Davis & Green Electrical

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