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5 Video Marketing Examples for Roofers

A worker working on a roof
Casey Shull

Updated May 2024.

Between Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, there’s always another social media platform where you can share your roofing videos. Video marketing is a powerful way to highlight your skills as a roofer and get ahead in an increasingly competitive industry. 

Of course, releasing any video may not accomplish what you’re hoping to. Your market, customer base, and production ability will all play a part in the kinds of videos you release. Other companies are already using video marketing to advertise their roofing success, and you can, too—if you learn a few basic principles first. 

In this short blog, we’ll cover what you need to know about roofing video marketing. We’ll also share five terrific video marketing examples to learn from. So without further adieu, lights, camera, action!

Roofing Video Marketing: Why Do it? 

The roofing industry thrives on video marketing. That’s because everyone wants to see a beautiful, safe roof coming into existence, as well as everything needed to create it. Video marketing lets you capture the nitty-gritty details of the job in a way that was never possible before. By highlighting in your videos the level of craftsmanship you put into every roofing job, customers will truly appreciate the wonderful work that you do. 

Video marketing offers immense benefits for you as a roofing contractor. With video marketing, you’ll be able to: 

  • Build a unique brand identity and show off your commitment to excellence in every job you take on
  • Educate your customers about different aspects of roofing,
  • Provide critical lessons such as important maintenance tips
  • Establish yourself as an authority and thought leader in your region. This can also have an incredible effect on your search engine rankings. 

Uploading videos to major social media platforms will also increase your brand awareness. Since videos are more eye-catching than other forms of content marketing, more prospects will view and engage with your content. Leads will visit your website at a higher rate, which will, in turn, lead to more conversions and sales for your company. 

Video marketing works well because you can easily personalize your videos to appeal to your target audience. Videos can evoke certain emotions and create a deeper connection with them. 

Let's review some of the best video marketing examples from across the industry to see how other companies achieve their success. 

A woman smiling looking at her phone

Baker Roofing Company

The Baker Roofing Company proudly displays its 100 years of history on its website. This is one of the nation’s leading commercial and residential roofing companies, with over a thousand employees listed on LinkedIn. The company is well regarded for its work in hospitals and even government buildings, and its roofing video marketing expresses its ethos precisely. 

Baker’s digital marketing combines video and content marketing. One of their most popular videos, about an unnamed homeowner who ran into serious trouble looking for the “cheapest roofer,” is a case in point. Their other content includes daily routines, roofing showcases, and more. 

What We Like About It 

Baker could have written a blog post about the homeowner’s experience, and it would have done well. However, integrating the story into their video marketing strategy was a brilliant idea. It’s usable as an educational video, helps a potential customer understand Baker’s pricing, and strengthens the brand — all in a few-second-long clip!

CentiMark Corporation

With over 95 locations in North America, CentiMark is a prominent industrial and commercial roofing operation. They specialize in preventative maintenance roofing, repair work, and metal roofing installation and even offer flooring services through a subsidiary called QuestMark. CentiMark’s marketing, as you might imagine, largely targets a B2B audience. And they do a good job. 

Many of their videos detail or show off the materials they use on a project, such as Polyurea coating or Thermoplastic Polyolefin membranes to increase a roof’s weather resistance. Their roofer marketing videos emphasize the quality of construction and reliability of their finished products. This is just what their industrial and commercial clients would like to see. 

What We Like About It

CentiMark knows its brand and knows its audience even better. They allow their B2B viewers to fuel and direct their Instagram reels, creating brand videos highlighting their expertise and professionalism. This is B2B video marketing in one of its finest expressions. 

Empire Roofing

Standing tall with over 35 years of roofing experience, Empire Roofing has a lot to be proud of. They work with offices, industrial properties, and more, outfitting them with metal roofing and weather-resistant coating. Knowing that time is of the essence, Empire even offers 24/7 emergency leak repair. 

Their video marketing consists of "quality of life" videos. That includes day-in-the-life videos, seasonal videos celebrating holidays, and even motivational videos discussing their passion for roofing. Empire also showcases the efficient roofing materials it uses to get the job done faster. 

What We Like About It

Empire is a respected name in the roofing business, and they know it. Their video marketing focuses on their business model, what they do, and why. It conveys their genuine passion for roofing, letting you know you’re in excellent hands when you work with them. 

Cedar Roofing Company LLC

A family-owned small business, Cedar Roofing Company has served communities across Illinois and Wisconsin since the 1980s. The company focuses on cedar roofing installation, a specialized niche within the roofing industry. Customers prize cedar roofs for their natural insulation properties—certainly an advantage in Illinois and Wisconsin. 

Cedar Roofing Company’s video marketing work mostly consists of past projects. They upload a new video nearly every time they finish a new cedar installation. The company even uses drones to film its cedar roofs from unique angles that especially show off their talents. 

What We Like About It 

Cedar Roofing Company maximizes its specialization. It knows what it provides and funnels its marketing effort in that direction. Using drones to film its installations is an especially nice and technology-forward touch. 

API Roofing and Construction

API is a certified roofing contractor from Richmond, VA. They offer residential roof replacement, flashing, gutter services, and more to residents in their service area. Because their target audience is mostly homeowners, API’s roofing videos focus almost exclusively on them. 

API uses drones to film their roofing video campaigns. They know they do great work, and they use sweeping aerial shots to make sure you know it, too. The camera captures the houses beautifully, showcasing their metal shingles and skylights. Almost all of API’s marketing focuses on demonstrating the results they’ve achieved. 

What We Like About It

Using video marketing as a dynamic work portfolio is a popular marketing strategy in the roofing industry. API Roofing's video marketing is one of the best examples of this technique. Customers in the Richmond area can use API's video content to get an idea of the quality of work they provide before contacting them for a contracting job. 

Learn from These Roofing Companies to Grow Your Business

Video content for roofers can showcase their expertise, highlight attention to detail, and instill confidence in potential customers, ultimately helping them grow their businesses. They all take pride in their work, whether for homeowners or businesses, and that pride comes through in their video content marketing. 

Ready to tell your story through video? At Scorpion, our seasoned team of professionals takes pride in helping roofers succeed in their video marketing campaigns. We love helping businesses grow through top-quality video marketing campaigns that attract viewers from all walks of life. Contact us today and start creating your own digital marketing videos, or we can help if you want complete marketing support to grow your roofing business. 

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