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Welcome To The New Scorpion Website

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Joe Martin

Welcome to the new Scorpion.co. Have a seat, keep your arms and legs inside at all times, and enjoy the ride.

You will notice a lot of things different from our last website. We made a lot of improvements to help provide deeper education into who we are at Scorpion, help you to understand the technology and services we offer better, and bring the customers who love us more front and center to share their stories.

There are a few things we would love to highlight for you.

Easy to navigate homepage to show who we are, what we do, and who we help

If you land on our website homepage we want you to be able to find the information you came for as quickly as possible. Scrolling the homepage you will see immediate info on our technology platform and marketing services for small businesses.

Customized experiences for your business area of expertise.

A lot of the visitors to our site will land directly on the page that fits with their business. You can also navigate to your personalized area by clicking on “Who We Help” in the navigation bar.

At Scorpion, we are best known for helping small businesses in the legal, home services, medical, franchise, and multi-location business space.

After landing on your page, you will see an even deeper dive into your business. Find and click on the business or law firm you are running and see personalized content, customer stories and more to help you learn more about us.

Easier to see the core technologies we offer to help small businesses grow

The easy navigation bar above takes you directly into learning more about our technology platform and showcases the business, communication, intelligence, and marketing technologies the platform offers to help you grow.

With the Scorpion platform, you get access to all of the technologies you need to manage your business, hire the right people, earn new business, and impress your customers.

Dive into our abundance of marketing services to help your business grow

With Scorpion, you get the technology and marketing services to help your business grow. In our new navigation setup you can see and learn more about each area that we will work with you to build your business.

From getting new customers to building your business plans for the future, the Scorpion marketing services team is there to help you.

Our customers front and center specific to your business

At Scorpion, 95% of our reviews are 4 or 5 star and we have best in class retention rates with over 90% of our customers having us along for the ride of their business growth.

Within seconds of scrolling on our homepage, you will find quotes from varying industries talking about results that have been seen using Scorpion technology and our team. When you navigate to your specific business area (legal, home services, etc..) you will find even more quotes tailored to the business you run.

VIDEOS! Who doesn’t love videos? Scroll a little further on the homepage and you will find videos showcasing more of our customers and their stories.

An abundance of educational resources to help you help yourself.

We have the blog, eBooks, growth studies, podcasts, and webinars to help you learn more about growing your business, improving marketing, and earning more money.

Dive into our resources yourself or find them sprinkled throughout your journey looking for tips on Google, Facebook,and other channels.

Welcome to the new Scorpion.co. We hope the new modern design and easy to navigate feel will help