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Sharpest Tool Podcast Recap: The Role of Video in Social Media Marketing

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Social Media
Casey Shull

Years ago, this topic would have been irrelevant. But now it’s super important, as video content has become a vital social media marketing strategy.

In this episode of The Sharpest Tool, available hereJoshua SmithScorpion’s Vice President of Account Management, and Nicholas Bosco, Senior Director of Account Management, discuss why business owners must incorporate video content to build a following and engage their audience on social media.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why video is indispensable
  • Why it has never been easier to create video content
  • What quality content means 

Why video is indispensable

According to Bosco, video has become the preferred way people consume content, as “people don’t want to read stuff anymore.” Video is the most effective way to get people’s attention on social media. Also, social media algorithms prioritize video content over text.

Why it has never been easier to create video content

According to Smith, 10 to 20 years ago, you’d need to spend lots of money to create video content. But now, you can create quality video content for your business with just a cell phone. Some simple ideas are: answer questions your customers are asking, create how-to videos, promote completed projects, and post video testimonials from clients.

What quality content means

Quality content is primarily content that is valuable to your audience — what they’re looking for online. So, don’t get hung up on matching Hollywood production quality. That’s still vital. However, there's been a shift to authentic content over production quality. With consistency, you can build a following on social media platforms and work with professionals later if you want to.

Join us next time as Josh covers how to measure the success of your social media marketing strategies.