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Scorpion VP of SEO Megan Stubblebine Talks SEO, Ranking.AI, and More

Headshot of VP of SEO at Scorpion Megan Stubblebine who discusses Google algorithm changes.
Caitlyn Blair

All About Scorpion’s SEO Software Ranking.AI

Over the last few weeks, Google rolled out a new algorithm update known as the “Helpful Content” update. The goal is to help users locate and access the content that is most valuable to them. Google is accomplishing this by prioritizing the rank of content that feels more “human” and penalizing content that feels more robotic.

To learn more about Google’s new update and how your business’s SEO strategy can keep up, check out our article here.

At Scorpion, we have released Scorpion Ranking, the first search engine ranking software that uses artificial intelligence to show specific ways your business can rank better on search engine sites. Our goal is to provide our clients with data-driven analyses and action plans to help them meet their SEO-related goals.

We had a chat with Scorpion’s VP of SEO Megan Stubblebine who has played an integral role in the development and optimization of this software. Stubblebine has over 13 years of experience in digital marketing, including five years at Scorpion-acquired software company CanIRank:

“I do not know any competitors that are doing what we’re doing right now. We get the basics right, and the basics are really easy to mess up. We have a lot of experience with the local small businesses so we know how to make them shine and show up in search results with minimal investment.”

So what sets Scorpion’s Ranking.AI apart from other SEO tools? The keys are innovation, speed, and the combination of technology and human touch. Our experts use the results of that data to apply strategies to your marketing plan to yield the best results possible for the client.

How Does The Power Of Human Touch Work With Artificial Intelligence?

Google’s latest update that prioritizes authentic content is a perfect example of one way that human touch and artificial intelligence can combine to benefit the user. Not only is this in line with how Scorpion’s platform Ranking.AI works to help businesses perform on search engines, but it is also in line with our mission as a whole.

Scorpion provides technology-backed marketing services, and with every latest tech development that works to help your business stay ahead, there is a member of our team to guide you through.

Our VP of SEO Megan Stubblebline believes that this lane where technology meets human touch is exactly where the magic of Scorpion comes to life for small businesses. “What is really cool about the blend of technology and experts, especially for smaller businesses that we work with, is that in a lot of other agencies, those smaller businesses are often outpriced.

Our technology brings us the information faster and more accurately and then as experts, we are able to execute, which is great for our clients. We can service companies that can’t afford that huge budget and that’s important. It’s their livelihood.”

What Do These Updates and Tech Developments Mean For Your Business And Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

You might think that Google’s latest user-first approach means that all of your content needs to be centered around quality, and that is certainly true, but Stubblebine believes there is much more to it than that. “Google has been heading in this direction for a while when it comes to putting the end user first. From our perspective, it’s all about relevance, quality, and questions,” she says, “that’s how I’m looking at it. How relevant is the content to what they’re searching for? Is the quality there? It can’t just be boilerplate, no-good content that anyone can spit out. Is it grammatically correct?”

As Scorpion’s team members and our technology experts work together to keep our clients ahead of the curve, we will take all of these factors into account. When it comes to artificial intelligence and what it means for your business, especially if you are a smaller business, Stubblebine says there is no need to panic. Platforms like Scorpion Ranking.AI are actually proving that artificial intelligence, particularly when combined with a user-first approach, can benefit your business in the long run.

“I know a lot of people are skeptical of AI and that type of technology, but I think that it’s going to become more and more commonplace,” Stubblebine says, “Really, what it is doing is speeding up and enhancing the work that we are able to do. There should be a peace of mind in knowing that there are still people taking care of your business.”

Ready to learn more about Scorpion’s cutting-edge technology and why so many small businesses are raving about it? Contact us to find out more about how our team and our technology can work to meet your goals.