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Sharpest Tool Podcast Recap: The Power of Paid Advertising for Business Growth

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Digital Advertising
Casey Shull

The world of paid advertising has undergone significant changes over the past ten years. Most home service businesses can no longer rely on buying space on local billboards or renting a park bench for ad space.

On this month's episode of The Sharpest Tool podcast, host and VP of Customer Success, Josh Smith is joined by Scorpion’s Senior Director of Account Management, Nicholas Bosco. Together, they break down the modern landscape of paid advertising, drawing on their decades of experience in sales and marketing. The discussion is devoid of jargon and unnecessary complexities.

Mobile vs. Desktop

In essence, businesses now must utilize paid digital advertising to stay competitive. Bosco points out, “The mobile phone has become the end-all, be-all. Most people aren't sitting down at the computer to do their searches. They're doing it when they're out and about. They're doing it on their phone.” Given that the audience is always on the move, paid digital ads offer an unparalleled way to “get in front of [them] when they're ready to make…that purchase decision.”

Customer Journey

To achieve perfect timing, paid ads must be tailored to fit the moment. Smith and Bosco delve into this aspect, sharing stories as they discuss how ads can meet customers wherever they are on their path—from the time they start browsing to the moment they’re ready to buy.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated or confused by digital advertising, this podcast episode is what you've been waiting for. Listen now, and in 25 minutes, you’ll discover how business growth is still within your reach.

Join us next time when host Josh Smith covers how to maximize your paid advertising efforts.