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Locally Grown Episode 9: Tend Your Google Garden


Can people Google you?

If your business isn’t appearing in Google search, that’s a big miss for easy traffic to your services. But getting your own Google My Business page doesn’t happen automatically, and it requires a little work on your part. The good news is Andrew and Joe know exactly what to do to get your My Business page set up - and how to get the most out of it.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why you need a GMB page
  • How to set up a GMB page
  • How to get your GMB displayed in the top results

Why you need a GMB page

You’ve most likely seen what a Google My Business page does: When you search for Italian restaurants near you, you’ll see 5 to 10 restaurants in your local area pop up. Once you click on an option, you’ll get a wider view including their phone number, address, reviews, and their website.

But that just scratches the surface of why your business should be taking advantage of this opportunity.

A deep dive into all the benefits


Having a GMB page will make your website show up higher and look better compared to other website search results. But if you’re wondering what the catch is for something so beneficial to you — Just look at how it benefits Google.

“Google makes sure that those pages are being seen because it helps them generate revenue at the end of the day.” — Andrew Adams


You want your ideal customers to know exactly what you do. GMB helps you categorize what they’re looking for — Something that you might miss the mark on if you’re trying to categorize your business by yourself.

How to set up a GMB page

As a business owner, you can see why you’d want to be included in those results. But it doesn’t just happen automatically. Andrew and Joe walk through the steps:

  1. Setup: The simplest step — Go onto the Google site and fill out your information.

  2. Verification: Google will either send you a postcard to fill out or a text to make sure you’re not a bot.

  3. Reviews: Start with friends and family to review your site.

Start out with friends and family and then reach out to customers to get those up. Because numbers and star ratings matter.” — Joe Martin

  1. Website: Even if it’s just a few pages, you need to have a web page with pictures to display your business.

What to expect after setup

Now that potential customers can find your site, Google will begin to send you monthly analytics with how you perform. As time goes by, more user generated content will be added to your My Business page.

This will continue to make your business more attractive to viewers. Make sure you’re adding content at the same time to get the most out of your GMB page.

How to get your GMB displayed in the top results

You’re all set up, but not seeing the results you’d like yet. To improve your experience with GMB, there’s a few strategies you can use to get results faster:

  • Local Services Ads: You can pay to be at the top of those ad results, giving you a Google Guarantee that guarantees your service or product on your behalf.
  • Respond to reviews: It has to be said — if you’re not reviewing every single review that you receive, you’re leaving opportunity on the table. GMB will send you notifications every time a rating comes in to keep you on top of it.

A key takeaway

You want your website to stand out in search results. One of the best ways to show up is through Google My Business — a mutually beneficial system to help categorize your product or service better while increasing revenue for Google.

But it doesn’t happen automatically. Once you go through the setup process, you’ll have differentiated your business significantly. If you want to take it one step further, there are strategies to get you into the top search results faster.

“GMB is a great opportunity for small businesses to show up and get found.” — Andrew Adams

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