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How Can Chat for Business Help Me?

Andrew Adams

Chat for business is a tool that can help you save money, improve efficiency, and skyrocket productivity within your company. It allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real time. Live chat can provide customer support, answer questions, and resolve issues as they happen.

In a world obsessed with instant gratification the customer experience is impacted by quick communication. So, how can chat for business help your company grow?

1. Communicate With Clients and Customers in Real Time

Gone are the days of waiting on hold for a return phone call. (Who has the patience to wait on hold for hours, anyway?) There are several benefits to communicating with clients and customers in real time through chat apps.

The Benefits of Real-Time Communication Through Instant Messaging

There are several benefits of being able to communicate with clients and customers in real-time:

You can provide better customer service with live chat support. Good customer service is essential for any business. When you can communicate with clients and customers in real time, you can provide the best possible customer service. You're able to address issues and concerns as they happen, which leads to happier customers. Better, quicker support experiences build trust and credibility for your business.

Though only 24% of customers have used live chat tools such as instant messaging and video chat, 73% of those consumers enjoyed their live chat support.

You can increase sales through business messages. When you can communicate with clients and customers in real time, you can close more deals. You're able to answer questions and provide information as it's needed, which leads to more sales.

You can implement live chat on your website or social media platforms like WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger. This gives you the flexibility to meet your customers — and leads — where they are.

You can increase efficiency and gather better data. Although you want to ensure your live chat has a human touch, chatbots can collect information that human customer support reps can use to resolve issues more quickly. You can use chatbots to automate some of the work, which frees up your time to focus on other areas of your business.

2. Stay Connected When You're On the Go

With chat for business, there's no need to be tied to your desk for team communication. Team messaging allows you to chat from your mobile device no matter where you are. This flexibility can help you stay connected and productive, even on the go.

Examples of Team Chat Apps That Work

Apps like Google Chat (also known as Google Hangouts Chat) integrate with other software in the Google suite, allowing teams seamless communication. If you often travel for work or work remotely, a live chat system will help you manage your team from your hotel room, plane seat, kitchen table, or anywhere else you have an internet connection. Your chat solution comes with you.

Microsoft Teams, Pure Chat, and Slack are three more live chat tools that are beneficial for business owners. They offer video conferencing, screen sharing, task management, chat rooms, and mobile apps to improve team communication. As many as 94% of surveyed businesses saw an increase in productivity after implementing video chat for team messaging, so don’t be afraid to use it often in your business.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

With chat for business, you can improve customer satisfaction by providing quick and efficient customer service. Happy customers are more likely to return, and they're also more likely to recommend your business to others.

Why Is Customer Satisfaction So Crucial?

Customer satisfaction is crucial for any business, but it's especially important for small businesses. Small businesses don't have the resources that larger businesses do, so they need to work extra hard to keep their customers happy.

If you're not providing excellent customer service, your customers will take their business elsewhere. In today's competitive market, you can't afford to lose customers because of poor customer service.

Live Chat Is Your Customer Satisfaction Solution

In fact, 75% of people prefer live chat over any other channel for customer support. This is because it's fast and convenient. The Millennial demographic is more likely to engage with chat apps than traditional customer service methods.

Furthermore, customers are more likely to buy from a company that offers live chat. It provides transparency and builds trust, especially when you offer support via a video call. If your goal is to improve customer retention, live chat is a great tool to use.

4. Boost Sales and Productivity

When it comes to business processes, live chat can help you streamline and automate tasks. This can save you time and improve your productivity. 

FAQs Won't Go Unanswered Anymore

With live chat, you can create a list of answers to frequently asked questions and pre-program them into your chatbot. That way, your team won't have to keep answering the same questions repeatedly.

This is especially helpful if you have a high volume of customers. The chatbot can take care of most customer queries, which frees your team to focus on other tasks.

Chatbots Can Automate the Sales Process

You can also use chatbots to automate the sales process, which can improve the customer experience.  

For example, you can set up a proactive chat window to invite customers to engage with the live chat feature on your website. Then, you can use chatbots to handle the initial contact with a customer, collect information, and provide recommendations.

You can also use chatbots to upsell and cross-sell products. In 2022, Virgin Airlines saw a 15% increase in additional products sold.

Chat for Business Is a Data Collection Opportunity

With chat for business, you can track data and analytics to see what's working and what's not. This information can help you fine-tune your marketing and sales strategies for better results. Remember, conversations are valuable data, just like numbers are. 

5. Save Money

Another benefit of chat for business is that it can help you save money. Live chat is a cost-effective way to provide customer support. It is 50% cheaper than a phone call and easier to keep up with than a support email address.

Multitasking Is Key

Experienced agents can handle multiple conversations and chat windows at the same time. This can help you save money on customer support. You can also use chatbots to automate some of the work. This can help you save money on labor costs.

Canned Responses Save Time

When it's time for your team to speak with the customer, we recommend setting up canned responses for frequently asked questions. Your team can quickly resolve issues without hiring more customer support reps.

Chat For Business Is the Solution to Your Inefficiencies

If you're looking for a way to improve your business, chat for business is the solution. It can help you save time and money while improving customer satisfaction. Live chat support draws in younger consumers as well as increases the retention rate of clients and customers. There are a number of live chat software available to better your business.

Don't wait any longer. Get in touch to learn how easily you can implement a live chat service in your company.

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