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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected franchise brands worldwide, with many forced to dramatically scale down their operations or close their doors. If you’re a franchisor or a franchisee, Scorpion is here to help you navigate the crisis and equip you with the information and support you need to keep your brand message, customer relationships, and business on track during this challenging time.

Our franchise digital marketing experts have put together this resource page where you can access videos, articles, and other helpful resources to help you do what’s best for your franchise during the COVID-19 crisis. If you have any questions or you would simply like to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you get through this challenging and uncertain time.

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    To The Franchise Community

    A special word of gratitude to all the franchise brands, owners, and employees who make up the fabric of many towns across America. Whether you're open or striving to get your business up and running again, we know you're working hard to get our economy back on its feet. Thank you for being the household names we trust and rely on every day.

  • Latest Research

    COVID-19 Consumer Trends Report

    With stay-at-home orders in place, there is large-scale uncertainty about the months to come. Americans have seen a dramatic shift in their lifestyles over the last several weeks. Scorpion surveyed 857 consumers on how the Coronavirus has impacted their spending habits, daily lifestyles, and receptiveness to brand marketing.

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  • Featured Resource

    Webinar Update

    The Franchise Battle Against COVID-19 Webinar

    *Due to technical difficulties and audio issues during the live webinar, the following recording and transcript have been edited for clarity. 

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  • Featured Resource

    Podcast Update

    The Sharpest Tool podcast featuring Zoom Drain’s Ellen Rohr and Al Levi on The Impact of COVID-19 on the home services landscape. Read powerful advice from Al Levi in his bonus guest blog.

    Bonus Blog
Additional Resources
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ARTICLE: The IFA's Franchise Reopening Blueprint As local economies start to reopen, learn about the IFA's recommendations for reopening across several different industries.
INFOGRAPHIC: Essential Steps to Respond to COVID-19 Prepare your franchise in 4 simple steps.
WEBINAR: The Franchise Battle Against COVID-19 A panel of franchise brands, franchisees, and investors on how to navigate these uncertain times.
WEBINAR TRANSCRIPT: The Battle Against COVID-19 A full transcript of our panel discussion webinar, "The Franchise Battle Against COVID-19."
INFOGRAPHIC: Taking on COVID-19 Learn about consumers' top concerns, their changing behaviors, and how brands should respond.
BLOG: COVID-19: Consumer Trends Survey We study current consumer preferences and discuss how you can apply them to your marketing strategy.
BLOG: How to Market Your Franchise's Reopening Best practices for promoting the opening of your franchise following the COVID-19 shutdown.
ARTICLE: Five local marketing tips in a time of crisis
BLOG: The Pit Crew: Putting Your Franchisees On the Path of Success in Turbulent Times  Part 1
ARTICLE: Franchise Development During Covid-19 Part 2
ARTICLE: Franchise Development During Covid-19 Continued Part 3
ARTICLE: Lead Generation Numbers that Matter
ARTICLE: Franchise Brand COVID-19 Checklist
ARTICLE: Coronavirus Drives More Interest in Some Franchise Categories, Less in Others
ARTICLE: Franchise Development During Covid-19, Part 1
ARTICLE: How Franchisors Can Support Franchisees
ARTICLE: Franchise System Responses To The Coronavirus
ARTICLE: What 5 Global Brands Are Doing in Response to the Coronavirus
ARTICLE: Buyer Sentiment Survey: Franchise Inquirers Looking Past Pandemic Effects
ARTICLE: The Value of Cash Forecasting
ARTICLE: Connecting Your Brand’s Community During Crisis
ARTICLE: Four Tips on Uniting Your Franchise System
ARTICLE: Leaders Need to Show Courage During These Difficult Times
LINK: Coronavirus Resources From IFA Members
LINK: The SBA Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources
LINK: The CDC’s Coronavirus Guide For Businesses And Employers
BLOG: Home Service Search Trends During the COVID-19 Crisis & the Impact on Franchises
ARTICLE: Limited Google My Business Functionality & Best Practices During COVID-19
ARTICLE: Google Commits to $340 Million In AdWords Credits For Small Businesses
ARTICLE: What You Can Do to Protect Employees and Customers
ARTICLE: Frequently Asked Questions On Small Business Loans In Coronavirus Relief CARES Act

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