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Search Engine optimization

Franchise SEO Services

Your brand’s online presence plays an integral role in its overall success. With Scorpion’s franchise SEO services, you’ll have the opportunity to build your brand like never before.

Brand Recognition & Growth

Why SEO Is Important for Your Brand

Search engine optimization (SEO) is highly competitive. It also changes constantly, with new algorithms affecting rankings and the need for constant work to keep in alignment with best practices and ensure steady, strong results. People will look for your services or product, or even your specific brand, online. It will take investing in a long-term strategy and white-hat SEO to build your brand on the Internet—and that’s what our franchise SEO experts are here to help you accomplish.

  • Local SEO

    Local SEO offers an opportunity to drive the right type of traffic to individual locations, with the specialized guidance of a designated SEO manager. We combine on-site SEO and Google My Business optimization to help franchisees become more visible in the areas they serve, attracting local customers. Higher rankings and more relevant traffic simultaneously build a brand and support individual locations, resulting in more growth.

  • Brand-Level SEO

    Your brand’s success will also depend on brand-level SEO. This refers to the visibility and ranking of your corporate website and brand awareness as a whole. By building the authority and relevance of your corporate domain, every location benefits. Our brand-level SEO services include on-site and off-site actions like content development and marketing, blog optimization, backlink analysis, organic click-through-rate optimization, and more.

The Right Way to RAnk

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization

The entire purpose of a search engine like Google or Yahoo is to give a user the best result for their query. Our approach to franchise SEO is the same. We design and build our clients’ websites to make them the best possible result for their target audience’s online searches. We never use shortcuts or “black-hat” tactics to get our clients’ sites to rank. We do it the right way, bringing long-term results—because they make search engines and potential customers happy.

Proactive Planning

Our Strategy Starts Before Your Site Launches

Even before your site launches, our franchise SEO experts are working to analyze every URL on your website and measure it against metrics to determine the best course of action. No two SEO strategies are the same, and they require constant monitoring and changes to keep your site ranking and relevant. This applies to the structure of your website, its content, and all strategies moving forward. With Scorpion, you can feel confident that we’ve got your back.

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An Ongoing Process

SEO That Grows with Your Brand

SEO is an ongoing process. That’s why we consistently monitor rankings, not only of your corporate website but of individual franchise locations as well. Every location gets an analysis from a dedicated SEO expert to make sure it is positioned for success, and we continually monitor algorithms and best practices to implement necessary changes that will keep rankings constant and your sites performing. It’s SEO that evolves with your brand and needs.

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Make Your Brand Seen & Heard. With SEO Done Right.

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