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How We Help

Everything You Need, in One Place

Instead of relying on multiple companies for branding and research, franchisee monitoring, reporting, and brand marketing, choose a partner who offers everything under one roof. Scorpion’s franchise team will work directly with you and your franchisees to deliver the complete digital marketing services, support, and technology that result in unmatched brand growth and longevity.

Our Approach


We've Seen All Types of Challenges. Better Yet, We've Solved Them.

  • I'm having a hard time managing multiple vendors.
  • I don't have full insight into franchisees' local marketing.
  • I need more effective local marketing for my franchisees.
  • I need research to learn more about our target consumer.
  • I feel overwhelmed by all the moving pieces and evolving trends of digital marketing.
  • I need to grow our company’s revenue and keep my franchisees thriving.
  • I need to stand out among my competitors and appeal to my target consumer.
  • My brand needs an online refresh and my creative assets need to be unified.
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A Team of Experts Dedicated to You &
Your Franchisees

Our Approach

Franchisors and their franchisees have unique goals. To deliver the best experience, your marketing partner must understand the needs of both.

At Scorpion, our Directors of Franchise Marketing will work directly with you to set branding goals and strategies, manage your brand’s online presence, and create digital marketing strategies on a national or local level. Our Marketing Managers will work with your franchisees to carry out local strategies and ensure total brand continuity.

The alignment of branding and franchisor goals, plus unmatched support so you can focus on running the brand, translates to individual location growth and the addition of new franchises—giving your brand new life.

More Than Just Digital Marketing

Research & Branding

Through research, strategy, and creativity, discover and define the place where your brand can thrive among its competitors.

Building and maintaining a brand takes constant research, strategy, and creativity. It’s not just creating a logo or talking about features. It's discovering that sweet spot, the point where strategy, inspiration, and delivery meet—where your brand can thrive among competitors and with your targeted consumers.

The right brand communicates. It positions a company right where it needs to be and reveals its unique ethos or spirit, which in turn leads to increased recognition and growth. Scorpion offers optional branding strategy and research services to establish or redefine your brand. Research can uncover new demographics, find out exactly what your targeted consumers need, and increase the overall effectiveness of marketing strategies, which leads to brand growth.

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Franchise Development Marketing

Strategically carry out your ongoing quest for location and brand growth.

As a franchisor, success is measured not only in the success of your current franchisees but in the development of new franchises. Your marketing partner must learn everything there is to know about your brand, including its persona, whether you’re following a conversion growth model, the key territories you want to target, and more. From there, a custom strategy can be built to find and deliver quality franchisee leads—those with the intelligence and means to open a franchise.

Scorpion offers an all-inclusive solution for franchisors that combines brand strategy, development, marketing, and technology to add additional locations, monitor and support existing franchisees, and make your brand seen and heard. We’re your partner from here on out.

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Brands We Work With

We're proud to work with franchisors across the country, helping their brands achieve success.

  • Gotcha Covered
  • Wing Zone
  • Goldfish Swim School
  • Merry Maids
  • Camp Bow Wow
  • Engineering for Kids
  • The Cleaning Authority
  • Chicken Salad Chick
Success Stories
  • Gotcha Covered Logo
    “We lean on [Scorpion] to a significant extent. They’re important to the operations of our company. They’re important to our reputation, to our brand, to the success of our franchise owners. By far, Scorpion is our most important partnership across Gotcha Covered.” Paul Linenberg President, Gotcha Covered
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  • Goldfish Swim School Logo
    "Thank you for your insane and impressive work ethic, great insights, and always being one step ahead of us. It’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with you!" Shana Krisan Vice President of Marketing, Goldfish Swim School
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  • The Cleaning Authority Logo
    "They are right on it to answer me quickly and to get a fast resolution, and it really feels like they’re in the office next door. So for me at the end of the day, that’s really what working with Scorpion means. It means that I’m bigger than just me, and I have a team of people who support me and who act like they work here with me." Heather McLeod Chief Marketing Officer, The Cleaning Authority
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  • Bloomin' Blinds Logo
    "Scorpion has been an incredible partner when it comes to presenting our brand to the public. I truly feel like they have a vested interest in our business, and care that we’re satisfied–and growing." Kelsey Stuart CEO, Bloomin' Blinds, Bloomin' Blinds
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  • Service Team of Professionals Logo
    "After a number of companies through the years, like franchisors have gone through, we were very pleased to find Scorpion. No other company we've worked with in digital had the talent that Scorpion has. The sheer brain power, the sheer understanding of what it takes to have a solid digital presence from website to SEO to all your content, your reviews, your social media." Brian Clark President, Service Team of Professionals
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Stunning & Effective Designs for Your Brand

Stunning yet functional websites convey your unique brand and drive traffic to your franchisees. Beautiful designs, powerful messaging, and the right layout and systems bring your brand to life online and lead to unprecedented growth.

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Partnering with Industry Leaders

Some of Our Partners
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Facebook Business Partner
  • Verizon Media Preferred Partner Badge
  • Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner
  • IFA Badge
  • Yelp Advertising Partner
  • Entrepreneur Top Franchise Supplier 2019

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