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7 Tips for Creating Franchise Landing Pages That Convert


Landing pages are a great way to boost conversions for your franchise’s online ads, form submissions, content offers, and more. A landing page is a specially designed page that an online visitor reaches after clicking on an ad or a page link.

Unlike your franchise website’s home page, your landing page includes fewer elements and is much more narrowly focused on guiding the online visitor down the path of conversion (filling out a form, booking an appointment, downloading an e-book, clicking on a specific page of your website, etc.). When it’s done correctly, your landing pages can result in more conversions, leading to more business for your franchisees.

Here are 7 tips that can help your franchise get better conversion rates from your landing pages:

1. Keep Your Content and Design Simple and Focused

Too many people make the mistake of overcrowding their landing pages with an excessive amount of content and images. However, the entire purpose of a landing page is to create a more focused path for customers to take a specific action (the desired conversion). Too much information or a distracting design will likely stop a potential customer right in his or her tracks, or distract the individual from taking the desired action.

With this in mind, less really is more when it comes to landing pages. Give your page a simple design, keep your content to a minimum, and be direct with your message so prospects know exactly what you are offering and why they should be interested. (Helpful tip: Focus on the benefits of your services, rather than just the service itself.) You can improve the layout of your content by using short paragraphs, bullet points, and distinct sections.

And while your landing page design should be consistent with your overall website design, you should keep it simple by leaving out navigation bars that lead to other pages. Including a navigation bar could cause visitors to click on other pages before making the conversion.

2. Keep Your Messaging Consistent

When an online user clicks on a link or an ad, he or she expects to find certain information. If the page the online users lands on seems unrelated to the ad or link that was clicked, that individual will probably leave the page and take his or her search elsewhere. This is why it is so important to ensure that your landing pages have messaging that is consistent with the messaging from their preceding ads or pages. The more consistent and relevant the landing page appears, the easier it will be to keep your page visitors engaged. To give an example, you should make the headline of your landing page similar to the call to action message used in the previous ad or link.

3. Steer Clear of Overwhelming Forms

Depending on the purpose of your landing page, it may include a form that visitors can fill out to obtain more information about your franchise's services, set up an appointment, sign up for an e-newsletter, etc. Let’s face it—people usually want to give as little personal information as possible over the Internet. If you ask too much of them, or if the form looks like it will take a long time to fill out, this could be a deal breaker.

To avoid this pitfall, keep your form as simple and straightforward as possible, and make sure the amount of information you are asking for is proportionate to what you are offering in return. For example, for access to an e-newsletter or a request for more information about services, you should probably just include fields for your visitor's name and e-mail address. However, for something that your online visitor might find more valuable, such as an in-depth industry report, a webinar, or a free demo, you can probably ask for additional information, such as phone number, zip code, company name, etc.

4. Make Sure Your Landing Page Is Responsive

Every landing page should be responsive. This term means that the page should be easily viewed on various types of electronic devices and screen sizes. Nowadays, more and more people are using mobile devices to access the Internet rather than conventional desktop computers and laptops. If the landing page takes too long to load or can't be easily viewed and navigated on a web-enabled mobile device, your franchise could lose out on a ton of business. Make sure you create your landing pages with responsive design in mind!

5. Feature Customer Testimonials

Honest feedback from past customers can go a long way in getting online visitors to trust your franchise brand—as long as the testimonials appear authentic. There are a number of ways you can add more credibility to your testimonials. For instance, you can build trust by featuring testimonials from individuals or companies who are well-known in your industry, or those who are highly reflective of your target audience. You can also include a photo next to the testimonial to help show that it is from a real person, and you can choose testimonials that get into great detail about the customer’s experience.

6. Display Trust Badges

Prominently feature trust badges. These are digital icons that allow your franchise to display your various awards, certifications, or other achievements within your industry. Trust badges can boost your franchise’s credibility by leaps and bounds. Also, these badges are a visual element that will quickly stand out to your page visitors, helping to quickly grab their attention, which is crucial considering that most visitors decide within seconds whether they will stay on a page or leave it.

7. Use A/B Testing & Use the Results to Improve Your Landing Page

With A/B testing, also known as split testing, you show one version of your landing page to some online visitors and another version to the rest of your visitors. This allows you to test out different page designs, calls to action, testimonials, etc. and see what works best. Once you discover which version gets your more conversions, you can move forward with that option. Many franchises make the mistake of creating landing pages without ever testing them for effectiveness.

Ready to start writing landing pages that will better engage your online visitors and get your franchise more conversions? If so, start implementing the tips above. You can also work with your franchise marketing experts to improve your landing pages and your overall digital marketing strategy. Call Scorpion to get started!

Download our ROI tracking guide for additional franchise marketing tips.