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7 Ways Your Franchise Can Create Better Marketing Videos


Video marketing has become a key component of an effective Internet marketing strategy. It allows your franchise to reach a targeted audience in a unique and personal way and deliver information in an easy-to-consume medium. In addition to that, video marketing helps to immediately establish credibility with your viewers, as they actually get to see and experience your franchise’s story and message. However, video marketing is only effective if it’s done right.

Below are a few tips for creating more successful marketing videos…

1. Develop a Narrative

A good story helps make your audience feel involved and engaged with the message you are conveying. You don’t want a video that is just a list of facts, as that doesn’t elicit emotions – it just leaves the audience feeling disinterested and detached. Use a narrative to keep your viewers’ attention and get them connected with your franchise brand, whether that is through the story of how your franchise started or of how a customer benefited from your franchise’s services.

2. Use the Right Technology, Equipment & People

When you begin the video production process, make sure you use the appropriate cameras, lenses, editing software, lighting, and people who can effectively utilize these tools. When you don’t, you will usually end up with a lower-quality video, which can take away from its impact and also create a negative impression of your franchise.

3. Pay Attention to the Details

Enter into the production of your marketing video with a clear purpose and close attention to detail. Do you know exactly what you and your team are going to say on camera? Are you choosing the best lighting, angles, and framing for your shots? Are you staying consistent in your editing style? If you don’t have the little details accounted for, it will show in your video and your potential customers might question your credibility and professionalism. Don’t compromise your video production or the power of your message because you rushed through your project or you simply weren’t focusing enough on the fine details.

4. Keep Your Message & Branding Consistent

Think of your marketing videos as an extension of your franchise brand. An easy way to stay consistent with your branding is to make sure that the colors and fonts used in the video’s graphics match your website design. The video should also deliver a message and tone that is aligned with your franchise’s overall mission and values. Does your franchise pride itself on being 100% customer-oriented? Choose footage that reinforces this aspect of your brand, explain what sets your service apart, and make sure your passion is clearly communicated in the video.

5. Don’t Make Your Video Too Long

No one likes the person who drones on for too long in a meeting. Don’t let your video do the same thing. Be concise and direct with the story you are telling so you can clearly deliver your message and keep your audience interested. According to a study by Visible Measures, you lose nearly 20% of your video audience on average within the first 10 seconds of playback, 33% within the first 30 seconds, and 44% within the first 60 seconds. With this being said, remember to only make your video as long as necessary to get the message across and to immediately grab your viewers’ attention so you have a better chance of keeping them engaged.

6. Include a Clear Call to Action

Just like with any other marketing material, you want the audience to know what to do next. Make sure you obviously state things like, “Visit our website for more information,” or “Call us right now at (555) 555-5555!” You’ve told your story and shown your viewers what sets your franchise apart—now it’s time to drive them to action and turn them into new customers.

7. Make Sure Your Videos Get Seen

Don’t let all that hard work go to waste. Make sure your video gets the proper level of exposure. Post it on YouTube, give it prominent placement on your homepage or another high-traffic page on your website, and tease it on social media. You can even turn your video into a social media ad or pay-per-click (PPC) display ad to reach a larger and more targeted audience.

Another option is to incorporate your marketing videos into your email campaigns. Data shows that adding video to your emails can boost your open rates by 20% and lead to 2-3x times higher click-through rates.

Want to learn more franchise marketing tips? Download our free social media guide.