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How Ad Extensions Can Get Your Franchisees More Ad Clicks & More Customers


Yes, your franchise may be running pay-per-click (PPC) ads — but are they actually getting clicks? And are you attracting the online users who are most likely to become customers? One way to get more people to actually click on your PPC ads is to make the best use of ad extensions.

These are ad features that allow you to include additional information with your main ad text. For example, different extensions allow you to showcase your franchise’s address, phone number, special discounts, additional links, and more. Ad extensions are what give online users that extra nudge to click on your ad, visit your website, and use your franchisees’ services! (Not sure what PPC ads are? Read last week’s blog post.)

Here are a few reasons you should use ad extensions:

  • Ad extensions have no additional cost! You still get charged the same price for ad clicks.
  • Using relevant extensions can increase your ad quality score.
  • They make your ad more prominent so they stand out from your competitors who are not using them.
  • They can help potential customer see how to find/contact you directly in the search engine results.

What Are the Different Types of Ad Extensions?

Want to know which types of extensions could lead to higher ad click-through-rates for your franchisees? Here are several ad extensions offered by Google AdWords:

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks allow additional links to your site to be shown beneath the main ad. For example, if you have a plumbing franchise, you might want to use sitelinks for pages that feature your most popular services, special promotions, and/or free estimates form. Sitelink extensions give viewers more options for entering your site.

Location Extensions

With a location extension, the franchisee’s phone number, address, and a map are shown with the ad text. If the ad viewer is on a mobile device, he or she can even get quick directions to the advertised franchisee location. These features make it easier for local customers to find your franchisees and take the extra step of visiting or calling the business. You can even set up your ad to only show within a certain radius of the franchisee location so you can better target locals.

Call Extensions

A call extension includes your phone number in your ad, which can help drive more calls to your franchisees. Call extensions are especially ideal for reaching mobile users, as the extension creates a click-to-call button, making calls to your franchisees as easy as a click of a button.

Structured Snippet Extensions

The structured snippet is one of Google’s most recently released ad extensions. With this type of extension, you can choose from a set of “headers” and list more information about your franchise in that category. For example, if you have an HVAC franchise, you might choose the “Brands” header to list what types of HVAC systems you install. Or, you may want to use the “Neighborhoods” header to list neighborhoods you serve.

Offer Extensions

Offer extensions are also newer to the game. They allow advertisers to display special offers within their ad text, such as discounts and promotions. Once the viewer clicks to view the offer, he or she can then print it, or download and save it for future use. Nothing grabs people’s attention more than a chance to save money!

Callout extensions

With callout extensions, you can feature some of your franchise’s best selling points right below the main ad text. For example, you may want to highlight that your franchise offers 24/7 availability, free estimates, or certified technicians. This allows you to show people what makes your franchise different than your competitors.

Review extensions

Want to know a great way to show online users know how great your franchise is? Let your reviews do the talking. Review extensions allow you to promote positive reviews, awards, and other accolades from third-party sites. Not only can your ad viewers get to see your positive reviews, but they also have even more of a reason to try out your franchise! According to research, 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 68% say they trust local businesses more when they have positive reviews.

Scorpion is a Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner. We stand as one of only about 35 companies in North America recognized to be a premier trusted partner for businesses that need help with their Google AdWords campaigns. We know how to manage and optimize Google, Bing, and Yahoo ad campaigns to help franchisors get the best results for their franchisees. Contact us to learn how our franchise marketing experts can help with your PPC ads!

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