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New Scorpion Marketing Payments

January 11, 2023

Check out the latest additions to the Payments Suite

Scorpion Payments is made to help you to grow and scale your business with no hidden fees or unfair contracts. We are excited to share with you new updates that make this tool an even more powerful option for your business.

Your customers can now pay using Apple/Google Pay on the web

You can now accept the most popular contactless payment methods, and manage it through your secure Scorpion account. Your customers can use their Apple or Google Wallets to pay you in just a few clicks for an easier and faster collection process.

Your customers will see the options appear when using Chrome or Safari if they already have a digital wallet set up.

Why is this release great for you?

  • Easier payment processing: With an existing digital wallet your customers can pay in a few clicks.
  • Faster collections: The more payment options you accept at your business, the easier it is for your customers to pay you in a timely manner.

New reporting and the ability to re-send communications

You now have access to a new Payment Requests Sent report inside the Payments Suite. This report shows all the payment requests that have been emailed or texted, the current paid status, and how many days old the request is.

You can also click on a specific payment request to see when the last communication was sent to the customer and decide if it’s time to send another request by text or email.

Why is this release great for you?

  • Better revenue tracking: Easily track unpaid invoices and the performance of your collection efforts.
  • Improved process: Easily resend communication reminders to customers with a current balance to spend less time on collection efforts.

Updates to Enrollment and Account Management for Scorpion Payments

Scorpion Payments uses Stripe for processing. You can now enroll and manage all Stripe-connected information from within Scorpion Payments. You can also make updates to the business address and bank account information connected to your account from within the account settings.

Why is this release great for you?

  • Save time: You don’t need multiple logins or tools to update your information. Simply view and manage your banking information from within Scorpion.
  • Easy enrollment: You can easily sign up for Scorpion Payments from within Scorpion without having to create and manage other vendor accounts.

Updated Payout Details

Enhancements to the Payout Details now give you a complete picture of each deposit into your bank by seeing the specific payments received, processing fees, and any issued refunds that impact the total deposit amount.

Why is this release great for you?

  • Direct attribution: Easily track which jobs contributed to your deposits for better bookkeeping.
  • Transparent pricing: Always know how fees are calculated when using Scorpion Payment.
  • Visibility & control: See a list of payments and refunds that affect your payout.
  • Easier management: Manage your books better with specific information about each payout.

These updates to the Payment Suite went live on January 10th and will help clients simplify payment collection and bookkeeping, give their customers a better experience, and keep running their best business. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!