Not all leads are created equal. Check out our new Leads AI.

Scorpion Scorpion

Lead Management

August 5, 2022

Respond quickly to new leads with Lead Management

With Lead Management you can view inbound, unqualified leads via the web or mobile app and easily assign those leads to members of your staff to qualify them.

Why is this release great for you?

  • Improves lead routing speed and accuracy: You can easily assign a lead to the employee most qualified to help a customer and close a sale ·
  • Gain confidence: If you assign a lead, it will notify the appropriate staff member, whether they're in the office or out in the field, so your leads won't get lost
  • Keeps staff members on track: The ‘New Leads’ and ‘Working to Close’ Pipelines feature allows you to add notes, tasks, and update customer information, as well as supervise staff follow-up with prospective customers
  • Add and remove leads easily: Add new leads and assign leads from one place using the ‘Add New Lead’ form. You can easily remove a lead from your Pipeline if it is determined that it is not a sales opportunity
  • Improves coordination: You save time and money because everyone is on the same page, which reduces mistakes and miscommunications

Save time processing deposit or invoice refunds

With the new refund capability in Scorpion Operations, the refund process can be painless. Refunds allows you to process refunds quickly and easily.

Why is this release great for you?

  1. Saves time: You can save time processing deposit or invoice refunds
  2. Streamlines operations: Streamline the way you manage refund requests with the ability to make refunds to a customer quickly and easily
  3. Manage customer expectations: Helps you deliver a quick customer refund experience
  4. More accurate: Less opportunity for errors when processing refunds
  5. More flexibility: Depending on your preference, you can refund one transaction at a time or multiple transactions
  6. More cost-effective: There’s much less work for you to do. Rather than spending time manually creating a refund, you can spend time on more profitable tasks

TIP: To process a refund, select 'Refund' on any (1) transaction or use the Action menu on a customer or invoice detail page