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AI Plumbing: A Guide to Using AI in Your Marketing for Plumbers

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Online presence is king for plumbing companies looking to make their mark on the internet. Digital marketing strategies thrive on capturing the attention and loyalty of their customers, but to achieve this, they need data. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a role in harnessing that data and turning it into something you can use. 

The introduction of AI can revolutionize the plumbing space. It’s not just about improved monitoring, your marketing can also take advantage of this advanced technology to give you a competitive edge, both in your geographical location and on the internet as a whole.

Using AI for Website Optimization

Potential customers search online to find plumbing companies, which makes websites a valuable tool for marketing your plumbing services online. AI tools can make your website more attractive and better equipped for customer interactions. With AI, you can: 

  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Guide the customer journey
  • Use chatbots to answer basic questions
  • Gain valuable customer insights

AI helps designers in web design by offering unique stylistic cues based on the latest artistic trends, user tastes, and other analytics. In other words, it can help you see evidence-based design avenues you might not have noticed by yourself. 

AI can also help you better understand website performance. New and established visitors to your plumbing website will use it in different ways. Some might visit a page only briefly before leaving (bouncing), whereas others could stay a long while to read the various blog posts you’ve uploaded. Integrated AI tools help notice and take relevant action in response to these trends. 

Leveraging AI for SEO 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the key ingredient for websites to get found on the internet. It involves fine-tuning a website’s content — including headers, body copy, and links— to achieve better search results performance. In fact, the top three search results on Google receive 54.4% of the clicks. That’s why it’s so important to get your own website up there. 

You can integrate AI into nearly every aspect of your SEO strategy, such as: 

  • Keyword Research: There are many powerful AI-powered keyword research tools for plumbers to use. Narrow results down by query, such as water pressure problems, to reach the right audience. 
  • Enhancing Local SEO Tools: Load local search trends into an AI tool to quickly assess significant areas of demand. You can find houses with a history of plumbing needs or segment out neighborhoods by individual plumbing services. This level of detailed demographic data lets you offer more comprehensive services. 
  • Backlinking: Having other influential websites link to your plumbing page is a crucial part of SEO. AI can help you quickly identify some of the most authoritative websites in your space. You’ll be able to find and collaborate with some of the most established voices in the plumbing industry, secure valuable links to your site, and further grow your business. 

Remember that successful SEO is an ongoing process. New and competing plumbing businesses enter the digital space daily. With AI, you can employ continuous monitoring of your search engine rankings and stay informed about your site performance. 

The true superpower of AI is its ability to gather vast amounts of data at once and provide actionable recommendations. That’s invaluable in plumbing SEO, where so many obstacles can clog your progress. Continuous AI monitoring lets you regularly adjust marketing strategies in the face of growing challenges. 

Investing in AI-Assisted Paid Advertising 

Businesses have always relied on paid advertisements to achieve great results online. Unlike organic marketing, such as blog writing or social media posting, paid advertisements require you to invest money. Having your plumbing budget at risk dramatically raises the stakes, but it can certainly pay off. By investing resources into promoting your plumbing business, you can increase your brand awareness. 

AI algorithms can greatly improve your lead generation efforts. Traditional internet advertising has always relied on buyer personas to generate more targeted advertising strategies. To reach a more specific kind of customer, your ads have to be more personal and appeal to the customer's interests and individual needs. 

It’s here that AI comes into play. It helps you: 

  • Develop a more precise understanding of your plumbing customers by informing you of their seasonal concerns and interests
  • Generate up-to-date assessments of important customer behaviors, such as sudden interest in a new appliance or sudden reduction in engagement
  • Use predictive analytics, built upon data collected in the past, to react to customer behavior months or even years down the line
  • React quicker to social media feedback and intelligence to see what people say about your plumbing company
  • Having key information for any paid advertising campaign helps you avoid wasting money and use your budget wisely.  

The use of AI optimizes your plumbing advertising campaigns through more informed decision-making. You can see at a glance which social media platforms yield the best responses to each ad, as well as the rise or fall in click-through rates (CTR), conversions, and other key metrics. AI doesn’t guarantee the success of your messaging, but it gives that messaging the best opportunity for success. 

Automated Retargeting Campaigns

Most people don’t schedule an appointment with a plumber the first time they encounter their business. Even if they have a serious problem with bathroom drainage, maintenance, or some other plumbing needs, they’re not likely to schedule until they’ve weighed different options against one another. Instead of getting discouraged, leverage the power of automated AI technology to boost your retargeting campaigns. 

Each time someone engages with your website, they leave a tracking cookie behind that you can use to follow them across other websites. A few hours or even days after the initial contact, you can send out a nudge, such as a retargeting ad, to remind them of your services. It’s a low-pressure way to stay at the top of their minds and increase the odds of a successful conversion. 

And with AI, you can now automate this form of retargeting. Advertisers use bidding campaigns to compete for ad placement before their highest-value prospects, such as homeowners who recently asked about a drain cleaning or some other plumbing repair. Since you know what services the customers are interested in, you can serve them with an ad on another platform that leads them back to you if they didn’t convert the first time around. 

Instead of using up valuable time manually monitoring these bids, AI technology automatically adjusts bids as opportunity knocks. They can make snap judgments about which prospects are most likely to convert and increase ad placement bids as needed. This is a significantly more efficient use of your budget than less precise — and more expensive — methods. 

With AI-powered bids for retargeting placement, plumbing companies can now: 

  • Use highly refined variable bidding strategies that direct more money where it’s likeliest to pay off 
  • Reduce waste and avoid prospects who haven’t shown enough interest in your business
  • Achieve a higher ROI through greater efficiency and less redundancy. You can actually place fewer retargeting bids than before, but faster and with enhanced accuracy.

AI is great at the micro level. It can handle the little details you would find impossible to manage alone. It doesn’t get tired, and it doesn’t have any emotions to circumvent the algorithms and variables you make for it. Your plumbing company’s retargeting campaigns can go forward with a level of consistency that wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago. 

Marketing AI-Powered Plumbing Appliances

No one knows the challenges of plumbing installation and maintenance better than you. Doing a great job demands both expertise and a willingness to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction. The introduction of AI-powered plumbing fixtures eases the delivery of both, but you have to communicate this effectively. 

Just consider the tools at your disposal: 

It’s truly a new age of convenience and efficiency, but how well do your plumbing customers understand these technologies? Much of your plumbing marketing today needs to educate customers about developing trends. Consider using email and blog campaigns explaining the many advantages (or even defects) of the new systems coming onto the market today. 

The Future of Plumbing Is Here

AI technology is undoubtedly closely tied to the future of the plumbing industry. For the first time, your marketing can connect vast data insights with round-the-clock efficiency to a degree older plumbing companies could hardly imagine. But you should have a team at your side that understands these AI plumbing marketing innovations. 

That’s where Scorpion comes in. Our years of plumber marketing experience, paired with our understanding of advanced technology, will help you amplify your digital marketing campaigns. Ready to get started? Contact us today.