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How AI Tools Can Help Your Law Firm

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future, even for your law firm. The right AI tools can maximize your advertising, marketing, and content strategies. With the current capabilities, law firms can take advantage of tools for business inquiries 24/7 with AI Chat, machine-learning capabilities, and, of course, search ranking suggestions through tools like Scorpion’s Ranking.AI software. While the advancement of AI can’t replace the expertise of attorneys, machine learning technology can boost efficiencies and create value by improving the client experience and simplifying administrative tasks.

At Scorpion, we focus on your law firm's advertising and marketing needs — and our professionals understand the unique needs of attorneys and law firms.

Throughout our long history of helping law firms like yours grow, we’ve honed our skills to create the best personalized approach and the right amount of dedication that you need to get more of the right clients. Now, with advanced technology, those skills can make more of a difference. Scorpion’s Chief Data Scientist Matt Bentley reported the average year-over-year increase for Scorpion clients nearly doubled following the launch of Ranking.AI.

We help build your brand, develop your website, and improve your rankings so that you draw in more clients for your practice. We do this by using our marketing tools and the new Ranking.AI and AI Chat to increase your bottom line and improve your return on investment.

Law Firms Are Going All In With Artificial Intelligence

Top law firms everywhere are realizing the power of artificial intelligence. AI is undoubtedly here to stay and is providing marketers with an even smarter way to help grow businesses by improving efficiency and decision-making. It can help grow your practice by maximizing marketing efforts. This technology is already present in our daily lives, and without it in your business strategy, you lose a key advantage against your competitors.

Our Ranking.AI software is hard at work to get you at the top of search results. How? By analyzing more than 40,000 data points for every keyword. This gives your optimization professionals the data and tools they need to outrank your competition. This puts you higher in the search results when potential clients look for legal representation. Ranking.AI has helped businesses improve organic search results by 31%.

Artificial intelligence like Scorpion's Ranking.AI can help:

What Is Ranking.AI?

Scorpion is a leader in law firm marketing, advertisement, and website development. We generated over 15 million new leads for local businesses in the last year alone. That's a lot of business for our clients, including law firms like yours.

Now we are supercharging our technology with machine learning power with Scorpion's Ranking.AI. Developed by Stanford engineers, this powerful new artificial intelligence is ready to work for your law practice. It analyzes millions of websites and tracks ranking for 100K+ businesses and law firms. The AI evaluates search ranking factors to improve where your firm appears in search results so your law firm ranks better.

How Ranking.AI Works

Ranking.AI was designed with small businesses like yours in mind. As a law firm, you want to generate more client leads at a lower cost. You want your firm to appear higher in Google or Bing search results so more potential clients see your firm's offerings.

Ranking.AI leverages Scorpion's 20+ years of industry experience to identify the keywords that drive high-quality new client leads for your firm. It then compares your firm's website to top-ranking sites for each target keyword to determine what you need to do to rank better. Since its launch, Ranking.AI has already helped 80% of Scorpion clients outrank competitors on Google.

If you are a personal injury law firm, the AI will analyze your website to see how it ranks for common searches relevant to your practice, such as:

  • "Personal injury lawyer in [your city]"
  • "Car accident lawyer"
  • "Injured in an accident"
  • "Personal injury compensation"

Ranking.AI analyzes thousands of searches to see how your website stacks up against your competition. It will provide insightful data and recommendations that fix your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. Scorpion’s Marketing professionals will then use these recommendations to modify and enhance your website, social media posts, and other lead-generation strategies. Helping you outrank your competitors faster, more reliably, and cheaper than you would without this powerful artificial intelligence. Learn more about Scorpion’s AI capabilities here.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Your Law Firm

Scorpion works with law firms big and small to increase outreach and improve the number of clients you win over your competition. We work with attorneys practicing personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, and other practice areas to achieve better results with a high return on investment.

When picking a company to manage your law firm's digital presence, you don't just want a sales pitch. You want specifics on how AI and marketing professionals can actually help your law firm. Here's how artificial intelligence will directly help you:

Communicate with Website Visitors

Communicating and getting back to your prospects when they're interested in your services is vital. But it's not always easy to respond promptly. In fact, 21% of live chat support requests are not answered.

With Scorpion's AI Chat, your clients get the answers and support they need 24/7, setting your practice apart from the competition. Based on decades of data and cutting-edge technology, AI Chat incorporates best practices gained from years of client interactions. Scorpion’s AI Chat uses the content on your website to answer prospects' most pressing questions, and if the potential client is looking for legal advice, AI Chat will help them schedule a consultation.

What does that mean for your law firm? Your website won’t be equipped with a run-of-the-mill ‘chatbot.’ Your AI Chat from Scorpion is customized to understand the ins and outs of your business, capable of handling specific actions, such as:

  • Answering qualifying questions
  • Scheduling consultation appointments
  • Making online payments

While our AI Chat handles the housekeeping of your law firm, it’s also collecting valuable data about potential clients that provide future growth opportunities. This data provides insights into what your target audience is looking for in a law firm, improved prioritization of your leads, and how to fill the gap to turn those leads into clients. Learn more about how Scorpion’s AI Chat works here.

Data Analysis and Insights

Once your marketing strategy is in place, you must analyze its performance. Artificial intelligence makes it faster than ever to analyze your results from any changes in your law firm's marketing plan. When you implement new content marketing efforts, you can see each web page's performance and effectiveness in attracting new clients. It will analyze your SEO strategy and make recommendations without you having to analyze the results yourself.

SEO professionals used to spend hours completing this data analysis. With Ranking.AI, it happens in seconds. This lets you make adjustments faster and leave behind any areas that don't yield results. Your lead generation and marketing will be more agile and competitive than other law firms. This gives you a critical advantage in a highly competitive field.

This analysis will create insights and suggestions that improve client lead generation. For example, the AI might recommend you add "personal injury attorney in [City]" instead of using only "[City] personal injury attorney." It might suggest you add specific keywords related to your practice area, such as "bankruptcy," "motor vehicle accidents," and different variations of keywords potential clients use in search engines. You don't have to spend hours thinking about what to write on your web pages when AI is in your corner.

Improving Keyword Visibility in Legal Content Marketing

Content marketing is an exceptionally powerful tool — especially for law firms. Legal content marketing is the creation of relevant online posts and web pages that convey information and demonstrate your knowledge in particular legal areas. It identifies what you practice and drives organic search results for your law firm.

Your website should utilize content such as the following:

  • Blogs
  • Content-rich web pages
  • Client and legal alerts
  • Press releases of firm successes
  • Relevant news
  • Social media posts
  • Checklists and frequently asked questions

Scorpion's Ranking.AI analyzes your current and new content to optimize everything you do. It automatically considers what keywords you should add, modify, or remove. The AI also offers real-time data into each content's performance metrics. You will know what is effective and what is not so that you can focus your marketing budget on where it is the most powerful.

It does this by analyzing more than 40,000 data points for every keyword. This gives your optimization professionals the data and tools they need to outrank your competition. This puts you higher in the search results when potential clients look for legal representation. Ranking.AI has helped businesses improve organic search results by 31%. We want to help you win more clients for your law firm.

Help Your Law Firm With Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready to start using AI to help your law firm? Scorpion’s legal marketing experts are ready to help you right away. We understand how to outrank your competition, decrease your costs, and make your legal marketing more effective. Last year, we helped generate more than 15 million new client leads. We will help you navigate the ever-changing SEO landscape with marketing experts, social media management, and powerful tools like AI.

Scorpion's suite of AI-powered tools will help your law firm reach your desired clients. AI is the future, and you can be a part of it while your competition lags behind. Our marketing professionals are ready to speak with you and create a plan that best fits your needs. Contact us today to get started.