Not all leads are created equal. Check out our new Leads AI.

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Unlock the Power of 24/7 Customer Communication with AI Chat

Scorpion's new feature AI Chat works to automate initial conversations and convert more leads from your website.
Artificial Intelligence

Scorpion's AI Chat delivers a 24/7 personalized and exceptional customer experience. It leverages Scorpion’s experience with thousands of local businesses to provide immediate support to your website visitors. Not only does this increase your lead count, but the leads you spend time interacting with will be much more qualified.

In fact, 21% of website visitors who interact with AI Chat take the next step to become customers. This might look like texting you directly, scheduling time on your calendar, sending you an email, or requesting a phone call.

AI Chat also unlocks the following benefits for your business:

  • Identifies which website visitors are likely to become customers
  • Integrates with online scheduling to help book more jobs
  • Knows emergency inquiries need to be handled differently
  • Gives natural, helpful answers based on your website and industry-specific data

When people interact with your business, whether you’re a plumber or a criminal defense lawyer, they expect professional, informative communication. AI Chat can provide this while connecting the right customers to your business.

Use Technology to Get to Know Your Customer

For a customer, few things are as satisfying as when your business truly understands their needs. Usually, that kind of customer service can only be found in some quaint coffee shop on the set of a Hallmark movie, but thanks to the advancement of technology, you can get to know each and every customer that interacts with your business.

Even though the conversation is happening online, AI chat documents everything. Scorpion ensures that you get access to a consolidated client history so you can learn about every interaction your leads have with your business in one place. From the marketing campaigns they might have seen to the specific pages they visited, you can see a running feed of communications.

Plus, your Scheduler will allow your customers to request time with you right on your website, which is a feature that 67% of all consumers prefer over picking up the phone. As simple as it might seem, this convenience can make or break their decision to work with your business.

Prompt Visitors to Stay on Your Site Longer and Rank Higher in Search Results

You could have an incredible business website, but if it has a high bounce rate, it is unlikely to convert leads into customers. A high bounce rate means that your visitors quickly leave your website after visiting, and it’s a waste of a high search engine result. On average, businesses that activated Scorpion’s AI Chat feature saw a 16% increase in the time that visitors spend on their website.

Not only will this increase engagement and conversion rates, but it will help you rank higher on search engines too. The search engine algorithms track the amount of time spent on each website. If your website visitors are spending more time there, it signifies that your page is valuable and the search engine will push it up higher in the results.

Unlock Your Communication Potential

Turns out Cheers was right about one thing. People really do wanna go where everyone knows their name. According to a study by Accenture, 75% of customers are more likely to support a business that knows their name. With the right tools and technology, local businesses can deliver the personalized experience their customers expect–and convert more leads at the same time.

Let’s connect about AI Chat! Reach out to our team today.

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