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Google Guaranteed Map Ads Update

Google is expanding their reach of their current Local Services Ads Google Guaranteed platform.
Caitlin deBoer


Google is working on expanding the reach of their current Local Services Ads Google Guaranteed platform. They are pushing to expand and expose the Google Guaranteed badged ads in more places amongst Google advertising products.

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Previously, badged LSA ads only showed in the typical banner ad placement at the top of the Search page, as well as the Local Services Ads search page.

Google has rolled out their first expansion for all Google Guaranteed verticals in all geos on Mobile. Now the Google Guaranteed badge will show in the immersive organic map ads, helping positively impact organic listings. This is another huge benefit attached to LSAs; now if you are advertising with LSA, you will also be pushed to the top and featured in the first or second spot in map ads. This is also beneficial for pros that are live in geos that have no adoption- now even if LSAs aren’t triggering for the vertical in that area, the pro’s ad will be featured in map ads. Please keep in mind that the two featured pros will always be rotating, just like LSA placement, and there is no way of controlling which ads are featured. Also, all leads that result from the map ad placement will be charged, and reported on the same as an existing LSA lead.

Here’s how they look!

  1. Open Google on your phone

  2. Type in “Electrician near me”

3. Scroll down to map ads and click into “More businesses”

4. The Google Guaranteed badge will be displayed if there are live LSAs in the the area

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