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Goldfish Swim School

Increasing Membership Conversion by 150%

After taking a fresh approach to their digital brand, Goldfish Swim School set a new record for swim lesson bookings driven from their website.

The Goal

Outgrowing Their Marketing Solutions

Goldfish Swim School is a North American franchise that offers year-round swim lessons to children from 4 months to 12 years old. With state-of-the-art facilities, heated indoor pools, and world-class instructors, Goldfish Swim School had everything they needed to appeal to parents.

However, with the brand’s rapid growth (combined with their membership being impacted by factors like seasonality, children aging out of their programs, and conflicting family schedules), there was a constant need for more signups.

Goldfish Swim School had always relied on their website and digital marketing to bring in new business, but as the franchise expanded, they were struggling to get the level of support they needed from their existing marketing company. Realizing they needed a partner who offered better scalability, Goldfish Swim School started fresh with Scorpion.

Goldfish Clients in Water
The Solution

Strengthening the Brand’s Online Image

To help Goldfish Swim School get the conversions they needed, we redesigned their website a new design to reflect the franchise's fun brand and culture. We also made sure the site was scalable so franchise location pages could be added quickly and easily. We provided Goldfish Swim School with a team of marketing professionals they could call on at any time to develop and improve their digital strategy.
User Experience Research

Improving Engagement on the Website

Because a franchise’s website serves as the foundation of their digital image, this is the first thing we worked on after partnering with Goldfish Swim School. In the process of revamping their website, we wanted to make sure we were giving their online visitors the best experience possible. So, we conducted a study that looked at how people were navigating and using the site. We then used this information to help the franchise build a more engaging website that would keep potential members interacting with the brand longer, making them more likely to sign up for lessons.
Increased Conversions

Finding the Most Serious Candidates

Next, we took a deep dive into Goldfish Swim School’s online advertising. In the process, we uncovered an issue. While the brand’s ads were generating a lot of leads through their web forms, only 10.2% of those leads, on average, were actually converting into new memberships. This told us the brand didn’t need more leads—they needed more serious leads. So, we tried an experiment. On the ads’ landing pages, we added more questions to the forms, asking for information like the prospect’s email address, kids’ names, kids’ ages, etc. This helped weed out people who were simply “researching” swim class options. While the change led to a drop-off in form fills, it increased the average lead conversion rate from 10.2% to 25.4%.
Better Media Mix

Staying Visible at All Times

Because parents can spend several weeks researching swim school options for their children, we recognized that it was in Goldfish Swim School’s best interests to diversify their marketing media mix. This meant they needed to stay in front of potential members on numerous digital channels and at various stages of their prospective members’ journey, from when swim lessons were not yet on their radars to when they were actively searching for the right school for their kids. We helped the brand set up advertising on a wide array of digital channels, including Google Search, Bing Search, the Google Display Network, Gmail, Facebook, and YouTube.

Taking Their Website to
a Whole New Level

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Continuing Success

Record-Breaking Results from a Powerful Partnership

With a more diversified and strategic digital presence, Goldfish Swim School was able to more than double their membership conversion rate on their website, which allowed them to achieve record-breaking numbers for their web-driven swim class enrollments. This overwhelming success didn’t go unnoticed—Goldfish Swim School received the Franchise Innovation Award for Best Digital Campaign from Franchise Update Media.

With everything they’ve accomplished, Goldfish Swim School knows they can trust our team to help them achieve their goals for their franchise brand. In fact, they trust us so much, they even served as a featured guest in our original web series, Get to Work. We couldn’t be happier about the partnership, and it seems they feel the same way.

It’s been a pleasure to work with you, too, and we look forward to many more years of serving your brand!

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