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Building a Strategy That Blew Business Goals out of the Water

  • Increased monthly calls by 63%
  • Boosted monthly revenue by 55–64%
  • Doubled the amount of trucks and plumbers
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With Scorpion, Scott Reisack doubled down on the power of digital marketing—then had to double the size of his team to keep up with the jobs he brought in.

Struggling to Reach the Next Level of Growth

By all accounts, Scott Reisack owned a successful plumbing business in Gilbert, Arizona. He was generating enough business to fill his own schedule, but eventually came across a common issue for small business owners: he wanted to expand his company to the point where instead of being out in the field all day, he’d be managing his own team of plumbers.

The only problem was that EZ Flow Plumbing wasn’t well-known enough to get the volume of calls needed to support the level of growth Scott wanted. That's when Scorpion stepped in to help.

EZ flow truck

Finding a New Strategy

Hoping to boost his company’s image and bring in more jobs, Scott dabbled with a number of digital and traditional advertising methods to some success, but none brought the calls he needed. He decided a more serious search was in order — he needed a digital marketing partner who would use his budget to build EZ Flow Plumbing’s local reputation and bring in the revenue he needed to expand the business.

“My team at Scorpion doesn’t just build my campaigns and call it a day. They make sure to get me set up with the best strategy for reaching my long-term business goals. Scorpion is a true collaborative partner, and I can tell they care about my success.”
Scott Reisack Owner, EZ Flow Plumbing

Mission Accomplished with the Right Partner

Scott set out on his digital marketing mission with a specific goal in mind: grow EZ Flow Plumbing’s revenue to the point where it could support hiring a team of technicians. With our help, he did just that—increasing monthly calls by 63%, boosting monthly revenue by 55–64%, and, in turn, doubling the amount of trucks and plumbers the company had compared to the year prior. With more calls, better leads, and higher revenue every month, Scott no longer has to worry about how he’ll be able to keep the plumbers he employs busy with jobs.

Scott, we couldn’t be happier to have played a role in achieving these goals—and we can’t wait to see which challenges you conquer next!

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