The Best Communication Tools For All of Your Locations

Scorpion’s suite of communication tools like email marketing, live chat, and text messaging connects your locations better than ever before.

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Live Chat & Texting For  Your Multi-Location Business

Scorpion’s live chat and text messaging tools provide your customers with ways to instantly engage with all of your locations. These tools are integrated with each location’s customer relationship management, scheduling, and other tools.

Your customers get a fast and seamless experience while your location owners save time, energy, and bandwidth.

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Email Marketing To Gain Customer Loyalty

A tried-and-true method, email marketing inspires customer loyalty with regular communication of news and offers from your locations. With the ability to cater emails to individual locations, your locations can build on your brand experience specific to customer segments.

Whether it’s keeping tight control of brand assets or fully empowering your location managers to send emails, Scorpion’s email marketing system is designed to be customized for your franchise’s needs.

The Best Online Scheduling  For Your Customers

Scorpion’s online scheduling technology saves your location managers time and manpower by allowing customers to book directly without the need to hire another staff member.

Website and mobile app integrations give your customers the ability to book with your locations on their own terms--without having to call in or worry about business hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Communications Technology?

    Communications technology can be a way to connect frequently with your customers without the need for extra employees. Providing tools like live chat, online scheduling, email marketing, and team messaging can help ensure your business is running smoothly. Your customers will thank you when you invest time and money into communications technology designed for multi-location businesses.

  • Why Do I Need Communications Technology?

    When someone is looking for your business or a current customer has an issue, they want to get a hold of you in as many ways as possible. Communication technology can help automate that with tools like live chat, online scheduling, texting, and email marketing to keep your customers happy. Those tools can also link to your customer relationship management software for future reference and help make using your business a smooth process.

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