Here Are 6 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Right Now

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Over 69% of U.S. adults are using at least one social media site.

Which begs the question...

How effective is your social media marketing?

Is it entertaining?

Is it delivering value to the public?

Is it creating new customers for your business? it?

If it is—great—you’re all set.

But if it ISN’T then you need to keep reading the 6 Tips to Improve Your Social Marketing Right Now.

Tip 1 - Create a social media calendar

A social media calendar is a schedule for the development and publishing of content across all your social media channels. Its purpose?—to bring organization, efficiency, and visibility to your messaging.

Quality content takes time and planning to produce. By setting up a social media calendar, you not only ensure consistent posting that your prospects can rely on, but you can measure the engagement with different pieces of content.

Let’s say you write a blog article once a week. In that scenario, your social media calendar might look something like this:

Monday: Write a blog
Tuesday: Post to Instagram
Wednesday: Post to Twitter
Thursday: Post to Facebook
Friday: 2nd Post to Instagram & Twitter
Saturday: 2nd Post to Facebook
Sunday: No Post

Tip 2 - Take advantage of platforms relevant to your business

Social media is immensely popular among U.S. adults:

  • 68% of adults use Facebook (76% of whom use the app daily)

  • 28% of adults use Instagram (51% of whom use the app daily)

  • 26% of adults use Pinterest (26% of whom use the app daily)

  • 25% of adults use LinkedIn (18% of whom use the app daily)

  • 21% of adults use Twitter (42% of whom use the app daily)

Each of these platforms offers its users something different, and it’s important to take advantage of those differences as they relate to your business.

Take a look at the dominant demographics of each platform...


General audiences of varying income, race, gender, and age. Great for specific targeting.


Predominantly millennial and female. Great for branding.


Largely female, split between millennials and generation x. Great for hitting a female audience with home, food, and fashion related visual content marketing pieces (infographics, quizzes, etc.)


A concentrated audience of business professionals that are both educated and high-income earners. Great for targeting high-value clients.


Mostly young, male, millennials, earning above-average incomes. Great for targeting educated males, managing PR, and facilitating direct engagement with followers and fans.


A heavy audience of 18-49-year-old males, who spend an average of 40 minutes a day on the platform, and largely on mobile. Great for capturing the attention of a specific audience through a visual medium.

Devote your time to the platforms that make the most sense for your business (i.e. the platforms with the best user demographics for your business).

Tip 3 - Start using video marketing

Video marketing is killing it right now.

At the moment, Facebook video is HUGE, attracting more than 8 billion video views per day.

On YouTube, users spend an average of 4.4 minutes watching videos...Compare that to blog engagement statistics where the average user spends only 37 seconds reading.

The point?

You need to be taking advantage of video marketing to make your business distinct, forward-thinking, and more profitable on social media.

Tip 4 - Leverage interactive content

Do you post quizzes? What about surveys?

Successful social media marketing starts with good content.

Good content is engaging—it invites participation and motivates people to like, share, and comment.

Quizzes and surveys are some of the most effective forms of interactive content out there.

Tip 5 - Engage and support your customers as well as your prospects

Talk to your customers and prospects.

Address their problems.

Offer your assistance.

Social media is a public relations platform for businesses, allowing them to speak directly to customers, prospects, and naysayers alike.

If you see a conversation where your business is mentioned or see a topic that’s relevant to your industry, feel free to jump in and offer your insight or expertise.

To best promote your brand and avoid negative PR, follow these best practices:

  • Respond to questions, comments, and concerns (positive or negative) as soon as possible. Do whatever you can to answer the question fully and provide assistance.

  • Don’t delete negative comments. Keep them there and address them with compassion.

  • Keep calm and give your prospect or customer the best service experience you can.

Tip 6 - Automate, automate, automate

Consistency is everything.

Sporadic posting will make your business look unprofessional, so posting regularly is key.

But maintaining a regular posting schedule can be difficult—as a business owner, you don’t have time to log onto Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis.

You’re better off outsourcing your social media marketing to a dedicated team of professionals.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a marketing tool you can’t ignore. And though the barrier-to-entry may be low, using social media to grow your business isn’t as easy as it looks. To get ahead of casual business users and start seeing some real ROI, you need to take it seriously and work with a partner who knows what they’re doing.

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