Reduce No-Shows With Appointment Reminders

Scorpion technology can set up appointment reminders for your patients and reduce time wasted with manual tasks.

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Fast & Easy Text Reminder Technology

Scorpion technology can set up appointment reminders for your patients and reduce time wasted with manual tasks.

Appointment text reminders can be a great way to remind patients of their appointments in your dental office. It is also an easy technology to set up on your end since it connects with your calendar automatically.

Scorpion is a leader in providing appointment text reminder technology to dental offices. We also help you set up and maintain your appointment text reminder technology.

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Fewer No Shows With Appointment Texts

With appointment text reminder technology, you can set up multiple appointment reminders to be sent out to patients a week, a day, or even an hour before their appointment. This will help remind them to come on time or call to reschedule.

Scorpion appointment text reminder technology is the fastest way to eliminate no shows to your dental office.

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Automated Text Reminder Technology

Appointment text reminder technology from Scorpion automatically connects with your other Scorpion software to ensure your calendar stays up to date and that you always have patients on time and ready for their appointments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Appointment Text Reminder Technology?

    It can be frustrating to have patients not show up to their appointments. Appointment text reminder technology helps to remind patients of upcoming appointments and reduce no shows with a simple text message tied to your patient management system.

  • Why Do I Need Appointment Text Reminder Technology?

    This technology is the simplest way to reduce no shows to your dental office. It can also provide a good patient experience with your dental practice.

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