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4 Ways Home Services Companies Can Increase Customer Loyalty

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For service-based companies, like HVAC, plumbing, or electrical, customer loyalty is a simple way to gain new revenue without the expense of gaining new customers. Retaining customers is a much more cost-effective strategy for your business. To keep customers, you need to focus on ensuring they have a 5-star experience that makes them want to come back every time.

There are a few things you can do to ensure customer loyalty and keep revenue streaming in. Check out these four tips to improve customer loyalty.

Customer Service Should Be Your #1 Priority

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s the most important thing a company can do to gain a customer’s respect. Customer service goes a long way and is typically the first thing a customer notices. To ensure that customer service is the biggest priority, you need to look at every customer interaction that happens. Some things to consider:

  • How quickly do you respond to web inquiries or phone calls?
  • Is your receptionist friendly and knowledgeable?
  • Does your team explain the process, cost, and timeline to customers when needed?
  • Do customers feel like they are communicated with enough?
  • Is the billing process efficient and easy for the customer?

Customers value transparency, and open communication is critical to having a good relationship with your customers. Make sure that your team gives as many details as possible and guides the customer through the process. In some cases, the job may have to change details that make it challenging to keep the customer in the loop, but it is important that you communicate with them as much as possible to make sure they are happy with the work.

Depending on how large of a team you have, customers will be interacting with several different employees. Make sure that at every touchpoint, your employees are giving the best customer service possible. It can also be helpful to train your technicians as salespeople, so they are able to answer business related questions as well.

Share Your Values

Consumers are drawn to companies that have similar values to them. They like knowing what a company stands for and how they run their business. One of the ways to display this as a home services company is to list your company’s values on your website and to show those values on the job. If you don’t have a set of company values and a mission statement, check out this guide to help you get started.

Your company’s values display what’s important to your company. They also help you find the right employees and the perfect customers. People love seeing a company's values. It’s a great way to connect with a customer who could potentially have the same values as you.

If you follow up on these values and are 100% true to yourself and the customer, you will build loyalty.

Show Your Expertise

One of the most important things to customers when looking for a service-based company is the peace of mind that they are the best at their job and will do the work correctly. The best companies show their expertise throughout the customer’s experience.

Along with doing great work on the job, you can also showcase your expertise through your marketing efforts. Is your company posting on social media? If so, you can use your social media posts to highlight expertise. You can give tips and tricks that pertain to the home service you provide. Another great way to show you know what you’re doing is through a company Youtube channel. You and your team can create easy how-to videos to help your customers and build trust.

Ask For a Review or Feedback

Asking for a review is a simple way of telling customers that you care about what they think about your business. When finishing a job, let a customer know that you appreciate any feedback that they could give you on your services and tell them you will be sending them an email or even a text that only takes a couple of seconds to fill out. You can send them a link to leave a Google review, or you can send them a quick survey to gain additional feedback. Keep the survey short and sweet. Maybe 3 or 4 questions and one section where they can write in notes.

Reviews are a valuable tool for your business for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Great reviews are a way to advertise your company on social media and digital advertising.

  • Find ways to improve your services based on customer feedback.

  • Interact with customers after the job to thank them for a positive review or help them with any concerns.

If you need more information on reviews, check out our e-book.

Customer Loyalty Matters

Customer loyalty is just one part of your business, but it is a significant part. You want to make sure that you do everything to gain loyal customers and grow your business. Dedicating some time to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to create loyal customers will go a long way as your business grows. Those loyal customers will keep using your services but they will also be telling friends and family about you too.

Need Help?

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