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Google to Share Big News on Latest Developments to Ad Products & Platforms


It’s that time again—Google will soon announce its latest innovations for its Ads, Analytics, and DoubleClick products. If it’s anything like last year, prepare for some game-changing news!

The announcement will be made on May 23, 2017 at the Google Marketing Next conference in San Francisco. Google will cover how its new developments are going to help advertisers better reach potential customers and run their campaigns more efficiently. The announcement will also include a sneak peek at how brands can use Google Assistant to better serve their customers. The hour-long announcement will be will be live-streamed through both the Google Inside AdWords Blog and Google Analytics Blog.

“Google has already announced 2 big updates to Adwords this week alone, which includes changes to how Ad Rank and bids are considered based on the type of query searched," said Michael Bunn, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Scorpion. "So we’re excited to see what else will be revealed next week—whether the announcement concerns new products or changes to existing ones.”

And in case you missed it last year, here were some of the major game changers in Google's 2016 announcement:

Expanded Text Ads: The new format gave advertisers more space for copy (doubling the headline space) and increased display URL customization.

Responsive Display Ads: These display ads allowed for native advertising, which means the ads automatically adjust in size and format to better match their surrounding content.

Individual Bid Adjustments: This change created greater flexibility for choosing devices (desktop, tablet, or mobile) for bid adjustments, instead of having desktop/tablet serve as the default.

Local Search Ads: Google launched new local search advertising opportunities on and Google Maps, including branded “promoted pins,” new posting options on local listings pages, and even ads right in the Local Finder results.

Why were these changes so impactful? First, Google completely changed the look and layout of its PPC ads. The expanded text ad format was a win for advertisers who gained more real estate on page 1 of the search results to attract more potential customers. Other changes reflected a greater shift toward mobile, as well as increased emphasis on advertising, where organic results previously dominated.

“The way people interact with search engines has been changing very rapidly as mobile devices become the majority traffic source. This is why Google has been moving much faster with their platform's changes,” said Elliott Golbar, Senior Director of Legal & Medical Advertising at Scorpion. “In Google’s upcoming announcement, mobile will likely again be the star of the show—possibly with discussion of how ads can be utilized for voice assistance searches. We also expect to hear when the heavily overhauled Adwords interface they previously previewed will replace the current interface.”

Scorpion is a Google Premier Partner and Bing Elite Partner that stays on top of the latest developments in online advertising. As a company that has been named the Platform Innovator of the Year and Customer Satisfaction Champion for 2016, you can trust us to give your business or brand a competitive advantage online. Contact our team to find out how we can get you more business through paid search advertising.

Stay tuned to learn more about Google’s announcement and how it impacts your business or brand! We’ll have the news right here on our blog.