Through Game Three by the Skin of Their....Legs

Posted by Kylie Patterson

Seven innings to play. The home team. Two games already under their collective belt. New jerseys. Playing a team that refers to themselves as the Dirtbags. What could go wrong? Well….

Sizing up the visiting team, it was obvious this game would not be a blowout for or against the Scorpions. Similar in size, age, and energy levels, the Dirtbags came ready to put on a show. The Scorpions were missing many of their key players and were forced to utilize several subs to avoid forfeiting. Their chemistry was off. By the end of the first inning, they were tied 2-2 and not looking like the stars we know them to be.

With some sloppy playing and no runs in the second and third innings, Scorpion was trailing by two and needed to step it up if they were going to have a chance at a win. And that’s when they did. Pulling off some amazing defensive plays from first base and short stop, the Scorpions headed into the sixth with an 8-7 lead. It wasn’t much, but it sure wasn’t losing! Now, they just needed to hold on.

Scorpions do everything under pressure. Launch a website in one day? Yeah, we can do that. Beat our competitors estimate on your rebranding project by giving ourselves half the time? We welcome the challenge and we will dominate. Answer your question about your campaign in the middle of the night? We are ALWAYS ready.

Sliding into second with a runner rushing to first, the Scorpions lost a little skin – a shock to the other team who declared that “there is no sliding in softball!” But it was worth it. With a final score of 11-7, the Scorpions pulled off their most impressive (and most stressful) win so far this season. While there were no home runs to report, it was a win the team and the fans could get behind. And not to worry - we can do our jobs with bandaged legs.

Be there next week when the Scorpions take on the J-Walkers at 6:15 pm at Central Park on Field #1.