Scorpions Secure More than Just a Softball Victory

Posted by Kylie Patterson

Casey Stengel of Major League Baseball fame said, “Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.” There is no doubt that, as individuals, the Scorpions are capable of doing good things. Finding good people to be part of the Scorpion team is easy. It’s bringing all these good people together and creating greatness that’s unique. In fact, it’s an exceptional characteristic of being part of a team that enjoys working together to accomplish great things. The Scorpion players have united as more than former high school baseball players; as more than club softball team members; and as individuals interested in more than just a good time.

As the home team playing the Wallbangers, and at the top of the first, Online Profile Specialist Brett “Pipes” Piper set the team tone by hitting a home run and bringing in one of his teammates with him. He would go on to become the defensive MVP of the game. In the fifth inning, with the Scorpions leading by two, Senior Front-End Developer Bradley “Baby” FitzGerald hit one over the fence. This was almost immediately followed by Systems Administrator Daniel Garza’s home run. However, since it was also over the fence, it counted as an out (horrible softball rule) and the Scorpions were done for the inning. They could have been annoyed or frustrated at the rule, but their attitudes were to be proud of their teammates and celebrate the solid hit. The seventh inning brought with it a score of 8-4. Scorpions win!

More significant than the home runs and the winning score (as important as both are) was a moment an outsider wouldn’t know to appreciate. In the week following their game against the Wallbangers, the Scorpions played against the Knights. For anyone looking at the score, the game could only be identified as a loss. However, for the Scorpion players and fans, it was a win. In perhaps the greatest moment this team has experienced, one of the newest members of the team made it to first base for the first time – the team and the stands went wild. It was a moment that won’t soon be forgotten and it was a true representation of who these players and fans really are. Win or lose, it is through this team’s attitude that greatness is achieved.