Scorpions Give to Save Lives

Posted by Stephen Bess

The sign outside read, “Blood Drive Today - How Many Lives Will U Save?”

According to the American Red Cross, for every pint of blood donated, between 2-3 lives can be saved. Donated blood also has an expiration date, typically lasting just over 1-month before it must be used—which means that Scorpion Design employees, with its 36 blood donors today, will potentially save the lives of between 72-108 patients within the next month.

Organized with the help of UCLA’s Blood & Platelet Center (, the parking lot just outside of the VIP office was busy all day with Scorpions giving of their time and of their life saving whole blood donation.

Additionally, we had an incredible 40 Scorpions register to become bone marrow donors with Be The Match today! All it takes is a simple cheek swab to get a donor onto the registry to potentially save a patient’s life. The marrow drive received so much support, we actually ran out of swab kits! You can order yours to be delivered by mail, and learn more about the stem-cell donation process, by visiting Remember, if you can give blood, you can be a stem-cell marrow donor!

As many of you know, I had my own bout with blood cancer and needed regular blood transfusions when I was ill several years ago. People just like you donated blood and platelets to help save my life, and to see so many healthy employees giving gladly and willingly is just further proof that we work with an incredible group of people at Scorpion!

Thank you to all who supported this year’s blood drive, and if you didn’t participate, please consider doing so next time. You could help save a life!