Scorpions Give Fans a Fright

Posted by Kylie Patterson

With the final game of the first round suddenly upon them, the Scorpions headed into a match-up facing the undefeated team in the league – Off Constantly. With their own record standing at 3-1, the Scorpions had a lot to prove and playoff standings to lose if this game didn’t end in their favor.

The first inning set the tone for what would turn out to be an agonizing game for fans and players alike. The Scorpions held Off Constantly to one run and headed into the second with no scoring plays. With a triple in the second, they managed to squeak through to the third with a 2-1 lead.

With two outs and the outlook grim, Senior Front-End Developer David Garite had a game-changing home-run. Somehow the Scorpions are still down 4-3 at that point. What was happening out there? The fourth inning was scoreless for both sides, not a good sign for any of the fans hoping to cheer on more runs from their team.

The fifth inning became the defining one. With some modest runs, the Scorpions secured a 5-4 lead. With a scoreless sixth and seventh inning, the Scorpions took home the win and managed to move up from the C Division to B.

Join us next week as the Scorpions begin Round 2 in B League playing Dirty Sox. You can find them at Central Park on Field #1 at 7:30 pm on Monday, July 6th.