Scorpions Christen New Jerseys with a Win

Posted by Kylie Patterson

Scorpion regularly redesigns client websites as a part of our ongoing relationship with the business owners we call family. When industry changes occur and website updates are necessary, we’re more than happy to oblige. The same goes for our softball jerseys. This year, the honor of designing our team jerseys went to homerun-hitter and Senior Front-End Developer Bradley “Baby” FitzGerald. Featuring the state of California and the state of Texas on either sleeve, both of the Scorpion office locations are represented. The classic blue Scorpion logo curves across the chest, leaving no doubt Scorpion players have taken the field. With the team name and a little lightning, the Scorpions are easily the best dressed team at the park.

Feeling extra fancy, the Scorpions donned their new jerseys playing as the visiting team against Hit N Run. By the end of the first inning, they were already leading by 5 runs. The Scorpions would maintain their lead until the 6th inning when FitzGerald hit a solid home run into right field. At the top of the 7th, the Scorpions were up by 10 and feeling like champions – but they may have gotten a little too comfortable!

The clock had long since run out and the Scorpions were facing Hit N Run as the last game still on the field. The home team rallied to score 5 runs and the Scorpions scrambled to maintain their lead. Thanks to some amazing defensive plays, including some by defensive MVP and Senior Front-End Developer Michael “Stems” Edwards, the Scorpions held it together. With a final score of 20-15, the Scorpions clinched another win. With the first game of round 2 coming up on October 19th, here’s hoping those new jerseys keep the mojo alive and help bring the Scorpions another win.

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