The #1 Thing to Remember About Marketing Your Law Firm in 2019

Person looking at graphs and mobile phone

In our State of Internet Marketing blog series, we explore the latest digital trends and best practices that every attorney should have on the radar (and be putting into practice) for 2019.

The blog series covers:

  • Part 1: How the mindset and expectations of today’s legal consumers have evolved.
  • Part 2: Why the Internet works both for and against your law firm (and how to leverage it more effectively).
  • Part 3: The three things you need to know to attract new clients in the “Age of Constant Connectivity.”
  • Part 4: The #1 mobile trend that’s changing the way clients find your law firm.
  • Part 5: Strategies for leveraging big data to create a more successful digital marketing campaign for your firm.
  • Part 6: The steps for future-proofing your law firm digital marketing plan.
  • Part 7: Where to focus your practice’s marketing energy in 2019.

Each of these posts delivers valuable insights and strategies that can help your law firm attract higher-quality leads, better cases, and increased revenue in 2019.

While I encourage you to read them all, I know some of you won’t.

Which is why I want to leave you with this top takeaway...

If you walk away from this series remembering just one thing, remember this:

Your law firm needs a mobile-ready and mobile-conscious digital marketing plan.

With smartphone ownership more than doubling in less than a decade and your prospective clients spending more of their online time on smartphones than on desktops (see Part 3), you can’t afford to make your mobile marketing an afterthought.

It should be the primary focus of your entire digital marketing strategy.

As legal consumers devote more time and attention to their mobile devices and other emerging technologies (see parts 3 and 4), their expectations for digital media and engagement are changing (see Part 1), which means they’re holding your law firm to a higher standard.

And if you don’t deliver the experience your prospects are looking for, you stand to miss out on potential cases.

So what should your firm do to create mobile-first digital marketing in 2019?

Take these steps:

  • Create a mobile-friendly website that delivers the best experience across all devices (fast-loading pages, easy navigation on a smaller screen, etc.)
  • Use digital ads and landing pages that are built for mobile devices, with features like click-to-call buttons.
  • Optimize your website and online presence for the latest mobile trends (specifically voice search).
  • Create marketing that appeals to the changing demands of the modern-day client. (These clients want speed, convenience, relevant messaging, and engaging content.)

Start with mobile first, and after that, you can begin implementing the other digital marketing strategies we explore in our blog series.

For more information about how to grow your law firm with effective digital marketing, read the blog posts listed above, or call (866) 344-8852 or message us here directly.