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Scorpion Q&A: Michael Bunn Talks Legal Pay-Per-Click Strategy & Google Partnership


Legal PPC Blog Series: Post 3 of 3

As Part 3 of our Legal PPC blog series, we interview one of our very own pay-per-click advertising gurus, Michael Bunn. As Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Michael oversees Scorpion’s digital marketing and advertising strategies, which include Google AdWords campaign management for attorneys and law firms.

In the interview below, Michael shares his expert insights about PPC: how it’s evolving, what it can do for attorneys, and the unique advantage of working with a Google Premier Partner. For some background on legal PPC, you can also read the rest of our blog series: Part 1 (What’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising?) and Part 2 (5 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Law Firm’s PPC Success).

Q: How has pay-per-click (PPC) advertising changed over the last several years?
The old days of just picking a few keywords and firing up a campaign are long gone. Recent studies consistently show attorney and lawyer search terms to have the highest CPCs (costs per click) of any industry in the country, therefore making them the most competitive. You can waste 25-50% of your budget on irrelevant clicks in a matter of days if you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t have the tools to monitor all of the data. Some firms are fine with gigantic budgets to dominate an area no matter what the cost is, but if you’re looking to maximize your return on ad spend, you need to be smart about where and how you run your campaign.

Q: What big PPC developments should law firms be looking out for in the future?
The search engine results page is dominated by ads now, and the newest products Google is rolling out over the next several months will take up even more room on the page. There is only so much room on page one, so in order to get the exposure you need to generate new client calls, you have to use the most competitive PPC strategies. That means smarter targeting, better ad copy, more realistic budgets, and constant fine-tuning of your campaigns.

Q: Are there any PPC challenges that are unique to law firms? If so, what’s the best way to overcome them?
As I mentioned above, the cost per click for many legal terms is pretty astronomical. If you aren’t paying attention to your numbers and running a strategic campaign, you can spend thousands of dollars with little to nothing to show for it.

Q: We know Scorpion is a Google Premier Partner? What does it mean to be a PSP?
The Google Premier Partner program is a select group of companies that have been handpicked as Google partners based on a number of criteria. Scorpion is 1 of just 33 companies in the nation to be selected as a PSP. Google looks at factors such as the quality of our accounts, our customer retention rate, our customer satisfaction surveys, our growth rate, and our commitment to Google’s advertising products and makes sure we have the resources and ability to manage AdWords accounts at scale. In return, Google offers a lot more support directly to our teams. We get additional training on account strategy, sales, and support, plus we get to be involved in a lot of beta products that aren’t available to the general public.

Q: How does it benefit a law firm to work with a Google Premier Partner?
The benefit of working with a PSP is that you have a team that has been handpicked by Google themselves, so you know they have the experience needed to manage your campaign effectively. What makes Scorpion unique is our data-driven process. We created one of the best analytics systems in the market to analyze our campaigns and used that to develop marketing strategies that are truly built to drive new clients.

Q: Scorpion recently won the 2016 Google Platform Innovator of the Year Award. What makes Scorpion’s PPC platform so different?
Our platform helps us look at a ton of different data points so that we can drive the right types of leads to our clients—leads that turn into new business for them. It starts with a tool that allows our sales team to more accurately set proper expectations with our potential new clients before they even sign up with us. From there, we have the ability to launch very complex and well-thought-out campaigns that are highly targeted to get the types of leads our clients want.

Once the campaign is live, we’re able to optimize our campaigns intelligently by looking at things like which terms are working and which ones are not; what hours of the day or days of the week we should be running our campaigns; which types of ads are most effective (display, search, video, etc.); which devices we should be running our ads on and how we should bid on them differently; and most importantly, which geographic areas we should target and how we should bid on these areas differently based on demographics, proximity to their location, and more.

Q: If you could leave one piece of advice for attorneys who want to improve their online presence with PPC, what would it be?
Go with a professional who knows the legal industry and understands the intent behind searches and the nuances of working with attorneys. Google makes it easy for anyone to start up a campaign, but only a true professional with experience can run it effectively.

As a Google Premier Partner that has experience driving millions of leads to our clients, we can give your law firm the competitive advantage it needs on the Internet. Contact our legal online advertising experts today!

About the Michael Bunn
Michael Bunn is the VP of Strategic Marketing at Scorpion. In his role, he works hand-in-hand with Scorpion’s SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) teams, and he remains up-to-date on the constant changes occurring within the Internet marketing industry. These include changes that affect Internet marketing within Google, Google My Business, Bing, and Yahoo.

Michael’s contributions to the SEO and SEM teams have played a crucial part in helping Scorpion become a Google Premier Partner. Prior to joining Scorpion, Michael had a background in business management, sales, and consulting. He is an avid golfer who enjoys business consulting.