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5 Expert Tips for Web Forms on Your Law Firm Website


Online forms on your law firm website are an important part of reaching your target audience while providing an additional outlet to capture information. They are easy to edit, eliminate paper and printing expenses, and can provide timely results. Knowing how to correctly design your web forms to enhance user functionality is a key component when implementing an interactive experience.

Here are 5 tips for fluid and effective forms:

  1. Include Fields: All the fields you use must be clearly labeled to ensure that your clients understand what types of information you need.
  2. Think About Layout: Your layout design should be clean and simple, but visually appealing. Your fonts should be clear and easy to read, and the colors you use should complement your overall design scheme. The spacing of your fields and fonts must be the right size for readability. All boxes should be the same size as well because customizing boxes can add confusion and distort the layout.
  3. Protect Users’ Privacy: Make sure the form includes a message that ensures users there will be no personal information shared. Your privacy policy should be linked and easily accessible to anyone who desires to read it.
  4. Explain Errors: Make sure you have an error message present so the person can easily determine where they went wrong. The field that poses a problem should be highlighted for easy identification.
  5. Provide Options: Not all fields will apply to all individuals. It’s important to highlight what’s mandatory vs. what’s not. Using an asterisk to denote which fields are mandatory and which are optional can make a big difference in usability.

According to a survey done by KoMarketing/Huff Industrial Marketing, 53% of individuals using online forms said thorough contact information was a must for establishing credibility. 58% of survey responses indicated that people do not want to release their phone numbers when completing online submissions.

Following these best practices can help you gather data, generate leads, and impress your clients. They can be adapted to your specific needs and they can help streamline your internal processes.