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Signs Your Law Firm Needs a New Website


And What Could Happen If You Don’t Update It

How much is your current website really costing you? How much money are you losing by not having a functional, up-to-date website? How much does it cost to retain a new client when your website isn’t up to par?

If you haven’t asked yourself these questions, it’s time you started thinking about the state of your website. An outdated, unresponsive site that isn’t user-friendly can be almost as detrimental to the success of your business as having nothing at all.

If it’s been years since you last updated your website and your leads, traffic, and conversions are low, it’s probably time to consider a redesign.

You Know You Need a New Law Firm Website When:

The Quality of Your Content Is Lacking
The content on your website is not client-focused. When adding content to your site, remember: It’s not what you do that matters most to your readers; it’s about the solutions you can offer to your clients and prospective clients. Spare the colloquialisms, forget about the “fluff,” and focus on what your clients get when they choose to work with you. After all, this is what they’re truly interested in when they browse your website for information.

Your Competitors’ Websites Outsmart Yours
When was your website last updated? Consumers like what’s trending, and they’re instantly attracted to the newest designs and user experiences the web has to offer. If your competitors’ websites are designed and coded better, they’ll likely rank better as well. And websites that rank higher on search engines like Google are more easily found by people searching for law firms online. Beating your competition starts online, so make sure your website offers browsers the best user experience out there.

Your Website-to-Mobile Functionality Isn’t Friendly
When your website isn’t fully functional on mobile and tablet devices, you’ll lose more than just potential clients. You’ll also lose SEO (search engine optimization) value. And this can hurt your overall ranking on Google, Bing, and other search engines. A study conducted by Yelp found that up to 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. If your website doesn’t look great on every device consumers are looking, you could be missing out on substantial business leads.

There Are Minimal Client Engagement Opportunities On Your Website
Your website should be live and active. Create web pages that encourage client engagement on you site, such as blogs that can be commented on, FAQ pages that allow users to search for answers to their questions, etc. Consider linking out to your firm’s online profiles on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites that allow you to interact with current and prospective clients online.

Ready to Build a Better Website for Your Law Firm?

It’s never too late to build a new website or redesign an outdated one. At Scorpion, we recommend updating your website every two years. Taking action to maximize your online presence is always a better idea than letting a stale site sit – no matter how late to the game you might be!

If your website is lacking and your business is hurting, Scorpion can help. Contact a legal marketing expert at our office to learn more about our internet marketing packages.