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Why Is Paid Search Important?


If you're familiar with Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and what your average search engine results page (SERP) looks like, you know what paid search is and you know where it shows up.

If you aren't familiar with what your search is pulling up, then you're like almost half of people who perform searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search affiliates. That means that many of the people who are searching for your services don't even know that the first results they're seeing on the page are paid advertisements.

What does this mean for you and your business? While organic placement is definitely great to have, there's also something to be said about making sure that you are positioned in the places where your potential clients are searching—especially those who are searching for exactly what you deliver. Curious about if your competitors have dipped their toes into paid search? It's as easy as conducting a search yourself to see how much of the market share your competitors are getting from that paid placement.

Now, paid search is not just beneficial because of the extra exposure that you'll be able to get. Having two or three of those spots on the first page can drastically increase the percentage of people searching who end up on your site, therefore increasing your number of leads and, ultimately, improving what we all care about at the end of day – your bottom line. That's all great, but what about specifically refining those exact clients or customers that you want? You're able to really specify who you want as a client and actually get that client faster than you ever could if you were relying solely upon organic searches for your traffic.

Imagine this scenario. You are able to, as a business, sit down and define exactly what type of lead you want in the door every month. You then relay this to your marketing team who implements those changes to your paid search campaign same day, resulting in the potential for getting those desired leads immediately.

The waiting aspect is virtually eliminated.

We believe that paid search is a vital part of any online marketing campaign these days. Was it five years ago? No, not necessarily—but part of greatness in any industry is the ability and willingness to change when the game changes and dominate by the new rules.

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